Is Chicago Dispatcher publisher an extortionist or a bigoted coward


Chicago Dispatcher logo. (Chicago Dispatcher)

"Chicago Dispatcher" bills it self, "Serving the taxi and livery industry since 2002".

Evidently extortion or an extremely poor attempt at satire serves the industry well.

In an editorial on March 6th publisher, George Lutfallah, states the following:

"The Chicago Dispatcher has learned that five of the city's 50 aldermen are closeted homosexuals. In the next issue of this newspaper, set to be published early next month, we will disclose their names unless our demands are met. We did not want it to come to this but our city government has been allowing unfair competition in violation of the law. Lawsuits have been filed. Newspaper reports have been published. Aldermen have been lobbied. Yet the city appears to be going forward with a proposal to allow people to get paid to give rides to others in their private cars. We will not stand for this. What follows is a list of specific demands that must be met by the end of March or we will release the names of the secretly gay aldermen." (Chicago Dispatcher)

The first three demands are fairly straight forward. They are whiny complaints. Then, Lutfallah goes off the rail on number four.


According to George Lutfallah,"Taxi driving is a male-dominated profession and it should remain that way. The last place for a woman is behind the wheel. If a woman needs a ride somewhere, she will only feel safe if the driver is a man." (Peter V. Bella)

"Require rideshare drivers to pick up everyone like taxi drivers do. Some rideshare companies tell their drivers that they shouldn't pick up people if they feel unsafe. This is ridiculous. Because of this practice, a lot of rideshare drivers are now women. One company boasts that 40 percent of its drivers are women. Taxi driving is a male-dominated profession and it should remain that way. The last place for a woman is behind the wheel. If a woman needs a ride somewhere, she will only feel safe if the driver is a man." (Emphasis mine)

At number eight, the train is starting to capsize:

"Make sure the city collects GPS data on ridesharing so that our informant can keep telling us when Aldermen are taken from their homes and dropped off in Boys Town."

At nine and ten the train wreck is complete. Lutfallah demands the internet be banned in Chicago and Willis Tower be changed back to Sears Tower.

If this is extortion, Lutfallah is living in the wrong century. The mob guys who used to really run the cab industry and their so-called union are long gone. Lutfallah could not shine their shoes, let alone fill them.

Hey Georgie, "Now go home and get your @#$$%& shine box".

If this is satire, it backfired. Lutfallah should take the Onion writing class at Second City.

Picture 2

On Twitter, when challenged, Lutfallah claims the editorial is serious, not satire. (Click image to enlarge)

By this silly attempt at extortion or satire, Lutfallah shot himself in both feet.

The people at Uber and Lyft are probably popping corks and laughing themselves silly over this.

Insulting the city council, women, and gays will not get cab drivers the changes they want.

Driving cabs is hard work. It is not for the faint hearted. Drivers work long hours to make a living and put up with all types of behaviors. They get stiffed on fairs and tips, robbed, and sometimes murdered.

Most cab drivers are just decent people trying to make a dollar and support themselves and their families. They do not need the Chicago Dispatcher. They should be howling in rage at Lutfallah.

But there is only silence.

Lutfallah is silent too. Some reporters tried to contact him to no avail. This is what cowardly bullies with publishing platforms do. They publish their screeds and hide.

George Lutfallah is no extortionist. In order for extortion to work you need to put real fear in the hearts of your victims. Aldermen have no fear or hearts. When was the last time a sitting alderman died of a heart attack?

Lutfallah is not a satirist. Satire, even extremely offensive satire, should be humorous. It should make peopler laugh. Lutfallah just generated anger.

George Lutfallah is a coward. Courageous people stand up for their work, defend it, and own it. If Lutfallah had a scintilla of courage, he would have responded to news media requests. Lutfallah could have explained his reasoning or lack thereof.

Instead, he is hiding in the woodwork like a cockroach.

Lutfallah published tripe and he is cowering in fear. He does not want to own, defend, or define his work. Is it extortion? Blackmail? Satire or humor? Misogyny or hatred of gays?

Or is it the typical pathetic whines from terrified spineless fools found all over the Internet?

No respectable bird would allow their cage to be lined with Chicago Dispatcher. No respectable business would advertise with them. No respectable cab driver should read it.

Chicago Dispatcher is not serving the taxi and livery industry. It is embarrassing it.




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