Happy Birthday Chicago

Today is Chicago's birthday. Our city is 177 years old. Happy Birthday Chicago.


The city of Chicago was formally incorporated on March 4, 1837. Because of its location, it became the fastest growing city in the nation, the hub of  national transportation, and an entrepreneur's paradise.

For well over a century, people from all over the world came to Chicago to make or invest their fortunes. Some went from rags to riches while others went from riches to rags.

Through the mid 19th and early 20th Centuries, Chicago suffered its share of natural and human disasters. There were severe economic depressions, disease outbreaks, especially cholera, The Great Fire and other fires, to name a few. Chicago always rebounded stronger and more resilient.

Chicago, from its inception, was known as the city of hard work. Slackers were not wanted. It did not matter who you were, what you were, or where you came from. Respect was earned and given in direct proportion to how hard one worked.

Most of the city was laid out to get people from here to there- home to work- as fast as possible.

Chicago played a major roll in the Civil War and World Wars I and II. War materiel was manufactured on a large scale here. Wars made millionaires out of many Chicagoans and provided good paying jobs contributing to the rise of a large middle class.

From the 20th Century to the present, Chicago suffered economic ups and downs. Unlike other cities, Chicago rebounded. In the 1970s, while other major cities, including New York, were going through economic crises, Chicago was adapting and innovating. Chicago survived.

That adaption and innovation continues. Chicago did not suffer as badly as other major cities during the recent economic melt down. While other cities are still in crisis, Chicago showed its resilience and is moving forward. Chicago is working hard to adapt and innovate.

Chicago is the City in a Garden, the City of Big Shoulders, a City of We Will, and of course the Windy City. It is the beating heart of America.

Chicago is the home of the City Beautiful movement, which spread globally. Some of the most famous artists, poets, writers, architects, jurists, and public servants came from or got their starts in Chicago, including President Obama.

Chicago is the city of big hearts. Chicago is known for all the events we have to raise money for various charities. We do not just write checks, we participate. From yesterdays Polar Plunge, to runs, galas, and competitions of all types. People from all over come to Chicago to participate and raise millions of dollars for worthy and needy causes. Chicago gives back.

While Chicago is known for many things, there are unique interesting tidbits that go unnoticed. The photo gallery and video highlight some of these.

Even with all our problems, Chicago has a lot to be proud of and celebrate. So, thump your chests in shameless boosterism. Wish Chicago a happy birthday.

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