Super Bowl losers the critics and pundits

Peyton Manning was not the only one to get clobbered and buried in New Jersey. Have they found his body yet?

It seems Super Bowl XLVIII stirred enough anger to launch social media lynch mobs into their frenzy of ubiquitous rabid snarling hatred.

Many raged on Facebook about the rendition of the National Anthem by Renee Fleming. It was described as "screechy". People seem to forget that the National Anthem is one of the hardest songs to sing. Few soloists pull it off flawlessly.

Maybe the Peanuts version should be used. That should quiet everyone.

PETA launched a Twitter lynch mob over Joe Namath wearing a fur coat during the coin toss. They had more concern with Namath than the poor animals on the field trying to kill each other. Wearing fur is legal. This is still America. The store that sold Namath the coat claims he is many getting inquiries for it, including from Dubai.

Angry bird pundits were snarling over Coca Cola's multi-cultural rendition of "America the Beautiful". They even complained it had a gay couple- EEK! Worse, a portion was sung in the "language of the terrorist"- whatever that is. "America the Beautiful" is not the "National Anthem". Heaven forbid a rendition is produced in Gregorian Chants in Latin. Or an Jewish cantor sings it in Hebrew.

Some lynch mobs were horribly upset over Bob Dylan starring in the Chrysler commercial. Something about him being a commie. Others of the lefty persuasion called him a sellout. Dylan probably laughed all the way to the bank, like he has done his whole career.

Bono and U2 were not spared either. They did a commercial for the "banksters" at Bank of America, the enemy of the republic. Bank of America Red is a charity to fight AIDS. Maybe BofA should be indicted over that. By the way, the commercial was one of the best produced for the Super Bowl.

Scarlett Johansson and Soda Stream came under fire from anti-Israeli organizations. They were outraged, outraged I tell you, that Soda Stream, which is produced in Israel's West Bank, is providing good paying jobs to people living there. I can't wait to take delivery of mine this week.

Some sports reporters were disappointed in the half time show, starring Bruno Mars. Everyone except them gave the performance a thumbs up. Maybe those sports reporters should stick to what they know. Oh, never mind. Bruno Mars gave the best drum solo since "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". By the way, Bruno Mars fans want to know why a lousy football game interrupted his concert.

Super Bowl commercials are not designed to get people to buy products. It is an open secret in the advertising world that Super Bowl commercials are created for one reason only, to win advertising awards.

Only true low information dullards would spend so much emotional angst, anger, and hatred over something so trivial. Just think, these low information dullards vote or influence other low information voters.

As to the half-time show, who cares? It is either good, great, or lousy. It is space filler because sports commentators do not have the mental capacity to fill that much time with their droning. Most people refill their drinks, grab more food, run to the liquor store, use the can, or do other things while the show is on. They are waiting to hear one thing and one thing only, the start of the second half.

There really is only one opinion that counts, the viewers. Most of the people at the bar where I watched the game loved the show. They ranged in age demographics from old guys like me to younger people. I asked around and found no criticism.

It appears that incendiary punditry and pyrotechnic social media lynch mobs are a new mental illness infecting this nation. Intelligent criticism is fine. But masses of social media terrorists and so-called news network polarizing punditry is insanity. Maybe we should seek a cure for this disease. It would make a great commercial for Super Bowl 2015.

The absolute best critiques I saw on social media came from women. They proclaimed that David Beckham won the Super Bowl. Who says women know nothing about sports?

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