Snowbrawl 2014


Chicago suffered snowmageddons followed by polar vortices followed by snowmageddons followed by... you get the picture. Yesterday, besides snowmageddon we had thunder snow.

No wonder Chicago is called Chiberia. We could have had the Winter Olympics here, as long as NBC stayed away.

What do you do? If you are the folks from RedEye, Do312, and Chicagoist, you have a Snowbrawl. A snow ball fight that resembled Braveheart without the mooning.

The Snowbrawl was held in Wicker Park. It was fast, furious, snowy, and fun.

Two groups lined up in the park.

They lobbed snow balls at each other.

They charged each other.

They fought well on the snowy battlefield.

Note to the over tender sensitivity people, political correct, and those who believe anything to do with weapons (Snowballs), and fighting damages "the children", the images below are not for you.

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