Jason Ervin stripper party video surfaces

Chicago's lovable and iconic aldermen are famous for their words and deeds. They are globally as famous as Al Capone. If they are not being investigated, tried, convicted and hauled off to prison, they entertain us with their stand up comedy routines, shenanigans, and antics.

Just when you think members of the Chicago City Council could sink no lower, a video of Alderman Jason Ervin's 2012 bachelor party surfaced on YouTube. It was posted by someone named Todd Farkas on February 23rd.

The video, shot mostly in silhouette, shows strippers dancing and giving lap dances to attendees. At one point, alderman Ervin is seen moving to a chair on the stage.

Unfortunately for the alderman, a few local news media outlets reported it. The New York Daily News carried a report on it too. When local shenanigans hit New York you have problems. All the reports carried the video or had links to it.

The alderman released the following statement regarding the party:

"In 2012 prior to my wedding, there was an event held by family and members of my wedding party," the 28th Ward Alderman's statement reads. "This event was my private bachelor party. Let me be clear, I never used City or campaign funds for this event.  This event was not held in my Aldermanic or political office, but on another floor of the building, where neither City nor political funds are spent."

In the statement, Ervin says he is "deeply disappointed that an individual, whom I regarded as a friend, would attempt to extort me, my family, and the residents of the Ward for personal gain." (RedEye)

A Chicago alderman crying extortion? That is like Anthony Weiner claiming his Twitter account was hacked.

Was a police report for extortion filed? Are the Feds involved? Inquiring minds want to know.

Alderman Jason Ervin is a public figure. There is no such thing as a "private" event in the internet age. The alderman is counting on the pubic being dumb enough to buy his schtick. As to the extortion claim, there better be some smoke to go with that fire. Extortion is a felony.

There are gullible low information dullards who will rise up to defend Jason Ervin. They will claim everyone has these types of parties, the alderman does good deeds for his community, he works hard on many committees, blah, blah, blah. It is the clueless defending the dumb.

Alderman Jason Ervin is a public servant. Public servants should be held to a higher standard of conduct than the general public. In Chicago, it is the other way around. Aldermen are held to the lowest standards of conduct. The proof is they get reelected and people defend their conduct.

The video is NSFW.

This article has been edited to correct an error. The previous version claimed the alderman did not apologize. The apology was not in the statement used. The alderman did apologize to his constituents.

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