Chicago Volunteer Expo

There are so many ways to give back to your community. In these still tight economic times it is not easy for everyone to write a check. Volunteering is a good and even better way to give back and help your community.

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The Greater Chicago Food Depository table at the Chicago Volunteer Expo. (Peter V. Bella)

On Sunday, the Chicago Volunteer Expo was held at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Over 50 non-profit groups participated. You can find the liist of organizations who participated here.

Each had people on hand to explain their organizations and their need for volunteers.

It was a one-stop shop for anyone interested in volunteer opportunities. The range of opportunities was huge. Everything from animal welfare, arts, environment, hunger and homelessness, and anything and everything in between.

Agencies and organizations need people to help with various activities and tasks. Many people look for opportunities to turn spare time into doing something for others. Altruism aside, volunteerism looks good on a resume. Employers use volunteer opportunities to give back to communities and market their brands at the same time.

If your child’s school requires social service hours, volunteering is an excellent way to meet the requirement while doing good.

Volunteering offers opportunities to meet people, especially if you are single.

Volunteering can also open the door to jobs with some organizations or through networking, lead to employment.

Volunteering need not be time consuming. A few hours a week or month is all most organizations need. Sometimes they just need people for a specific event or gala, one night, that’s it.

If you cannot find any opportunities in the link above, search around your own community. There is sure to be something that piques your interest.

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