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Chicago Magazine published an article, "Top 40 Chicago Words Our Contributions to the English Language". According to the magazine these words purportedly originated in Chicago and express Chicagoness- whatever that is.

They left out the real words that express "Chicagoness".

Here is a list of real Chicago slanguage:

Mahr- A late 19th and early 20th century formal term of endearment for the mayor. Usually coined by alderman during city council meetings.. "Mr. Mahr, I implore you..."

Dese, dat, dis, dem, dey, dere and dose- Alternate pronunciations of the pronouns, these, that, this, them, they, and those. Usually spoken. "Bring dese canoli to dat guy over dere." Tell dem I will be dere later." "If they don't like dis they gonna hate dat."

Axe- Substitute for ask. Go axe dat guy what he's doing." "I axed you a question."

In- Alternative suffix for ing. "I didn't do nothin."

Berfday- Birthday.

Chumbalone- Chump, idiot, moron. Used mostly by the Chinatown faction of the Chicago Outfit. Chumbalone was made famous by Tribune columnist John Kass after discovering the term during the Family Secrets trial.

Pipe or taking the pipe- Pipe refers to the original large or extra large burritos made in real Mexican restaurants. Taking the pipe means eating one.

Cabbage- Cash

Fiver, tenner- Currency referring to five or ten dollar bills. "I gave the alderman a bunch of tenners and fivers to get this problem fixed."

Saw- Short for sawbuck, a ten dollar bill. A double saw is a twenty dollar bill.

Hunnert- Hundred dollars or hundred dollar bill.

Boats- Large feet or shoes. "Didja see da size a da boats on dat guy?"

Gams or pins- Refers to women's legs, especially if they have long legs.

Sanguich- Large sandwich, a meal on bread. Usually made with crusty bread, rolls, or good quality rye. Sanguiches usually are beef, sausage, pepper and eggs, eggplant, submarines, or other whole meals between two slices. The African American version is sammich.

Hooor- Prostitute.

Hoood- Hoodlum.

Teef- This word has two meanings, thief and teeth. "Dat teef is so good he could take yer eye teef and ya wouldn't know it."

Yooot- Youth, juvenile delinquent.

Juvie- Minor or juvenile delinquent.

Chinaman- Person with clout who sponsors people for jobs or does favors. Usually a politician.

Whack- CloutIt also means dividing up money. "We whacked up a whole bunch a hunnerts between us.

Brody- Suicide by jumping off a building or other high place. "Dat guy took a brody. Man what a mess."

Prevert- Pervert.

Amen corner- Usually the end of the bar or far corner of a saloon where regular or favored patrons gather to commiserate.

Banana- Motorist's yellow copy of a traffic ticket.

Alligator- Person making allegations. The word was coined by the late judge, R. Eugene Pincham or Emil Jones. "I will fight these allegations and find out who the alligators are."

Goes- Says. "Then he goes, I axed you for a tenner and you only gimme me a fiver?"

Tree- Three

Couple-a-two-tree- A few. "Gimme a couple-a-two-tree-bucks to get some suds."

Suds- Beer.

Youse- You or plural of you. "Where youse goin?" "Wait'll your fadder gets home. Den youse gonna get it."

Uptadaendata- Up to the end of the. "Go'won uptadaendada block, hang a right, and you will see the sanguich joint."

Hang- Turn.

Didja- Did you. Usually combined with other words to make one word. "Dijaeatyet?" "Didjasee da pins on dat broad?"

Mudder- Mother.

Fadder- Father.

Screen door- Storm door.

Trunk music- What happens to those who cross the Chicago Outfit. Their bodies are usually found in the trunk of a car.

St. Jude's- The annual Chicago Police parade sponsored by the St. Jude Police League.

Souf- South.

Norf- North.

Westh- West. Also called Wesfs.

Burick- Buick.

Cadgillac- Cadillac.

Woods- Misspelling of Wood Street. Frequently used in the Chicago Sun Times.

Tru- Through/Threw. "I tru dat guy right tru da winder."

Winder- Window.

Mickey D's- McDonalds.

Sliders- White Castle Hamburgers.

Listen sammich- Pig ear sandwich.

The Slammer- Jail. Also the name of a former notorious north side cop bar.

Polish- Maxwell Street style Polish sausage sanguich. Made famous by Jims Original. Has grilled onions on it. You cannot eat these indoors or in a car. The onion odor will permeate everything.

Poke chop sammich- Pork chop sandwich made famous by Jims.

The Colonel- Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Chicagoness- Word used by the uber affectatious people who work at Chicago Magazine to describe something or other.

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