Meggings the new men's fashion trend

"Hi. We're glad you found us. Meggings Man Clothing is based in Chicago, USA and manufactures high quality alternative apparel options for men. While our primary focus is currently on meggings, the form-fitted pant that has been functionally and aesthetically tailored to the male physique, we plan to bring you so much more in 2014. Stick around, and say hi." (Meggings Man Clothing)

In 1973, Joe Namath appeared in a commercial wearing Hanes Beautymist panty hose. Broadway Joe, the quarterback for the New York Jets, was considered a sex symbol at the time. After the commercial aired, some male golfers claimed to wear panty hose under their pants on windy cold days. They were less constricting than long underwear, (ahem) so they claimed.

Thanks to needy, whiny, bicyclists, colorful spandex tights became fashionable wear for men, especially on the weekends. Men dress up like superheroes to shop, socialize in coffee shops, or bond while walking their bicycles.

Some do not wash their tights, giving the air and aroma of just finishing a workout. This is supposed to exude sex appeal.


Meggings Man Clothing

Now, meggings will be the latest fashion trend for men. The trend is starting to gain ground.

Meggings have been around awhile. Two years ago several male celebrities wore them in public. Men's fashion magazine, GQ, took a definite stand on meggings, a resounding no.

Radio hosts and comedians still make fun of them.

A Chicago company, Meggings Man Clothing, hopes to change all that. The online company wants to take meggings mainstream. Meggings Man Clothing hopes meggings will be a regular and necessary fashion accessory in the closets of manly men across America.

What are meggings? For those of you living under a rock or in that foreign land called Suburbia, meggings are leggings for men. They are tights.

Meggings are also called mantyhose and brosiery.

Like all fashion trends, male and female, people who should not be caught dead in meggings will wear them in public. The short shanked, the rotund, the lard legged, and the double barstool bottomed will be out in force in their colorful or metallic form fitting meggings. The skeletal super skinny will wear them, sagging in all the wrong places.



Pajama Boys and the Man Wears Prada will be the new masters of the universe. Photo: Chicago Tribune.

This is the dawning of the age of Wussarius. The Pajama Boy and Man Wears Prada will be the new masters of the universe. The man in the gray pinstriped tights will rule the world.

Meggings Man Clothing and their competitors will be the new Brooks Brothers in the world of power clothing and dressing for success.

How soon before the male plumber's crack is made appealing by the addition of a lacy men's thong? Under the meggings, of course.

Pearls with your little red kilt? Why not? A Glen Plaid sarong? Go for it.

The age of manly macho men is coming to an end. The overly tender sensitive whiny weenies of the world are winning.



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