Gun ban signs create controversy

If you own a business and do not want armed patrons in your business you must put up a sign banning guns on the premises. You cannot put up any sign.

Our part time Illinois legislators, with too much time on their hands, passed a law mandating you must put up the sign they devised.


Illinois State Police

Many business owners are livid. Rightfully so.

What difference does it make what kind of sign you put up, as long as you state your intentions?

What if you want to put up a bigger or smaller sign?

What if you want to put up a billboard?

What if you want a revolver instead of a semi-automatic on the sign?

What if you want no image at all, just huge letters:

"No Guns Allowed on Premises"

If legislators want official signage in businesses, the government should be forced to pay rent for all the the square footage they take up. All those mandatory signs designed by legislatures and regulators take up valuable space you are paying for.

Charna Halpern had the most intelligent and intelligible take on the signage issue, "So very strange...the State votes that its citizens are allowed to carry concealed weapons but then decides that I must pay for signeage for my theater that Bans concealed weapons. Why should I do that? Shouldn't I believe in the wisdom of my Government?"

Ms. Halpern, there is no wisdom in government. There is no common sense either.

The people who are allowed to carry their "concealed" weapons are complaining. They are stating to the whole world they will not patronize any business that will not allow them to pack their pistols. Their moral or social rights are being violated, or something.

Question, how will the business owner or employees know you are carrying a "concealed" weapon? Will you be wearing a sign or button that says, "I am armed, stupid, and not very dangerous."

Or will you be like most of the dullards who pack pistols, making it plain and clear you are carrying a "concealed" weapon?

This outrage against businesses just shows people are dumber than the politicians who passed the signage law. "A concealed weapon is just that. Concealed. Invisible to the naked eye. Covered up under your clothes with no bulges, or unseen in a bag or purse. Concealed means no one is supposed to know, suspect, or even dream you are carrying a weapon."

What very few people are talking about is liability.

First, lets take the pistol packing mama or papa. You shoot some nefarious criminal who posed a life threatening danger to you. You injure him, maybe catastrophically. He pleads guilty or is convicted of the crime and off to the gray bar hotel he goes. He sues you. Your insurance company decides to pay him an astronomical amount of money. Or, worse, a jury awards him way more money than you are insured for.

You think or say that is nuts? It has happened. Read your insurance policy. The insurance company decides whether to pay or not. You, my dear shooter, have no say in the matter. Juries have awarded judgments to people in prison. Those criminals have a nice little nest egg waiting for them when they get out.

Here is something else to think about. What if you miss the nefarious criminal and hit the proverbial unsuspecting young pregnant women shopping for baby clothes?

Yeah, yeah, your are an expert shot with that whole long sixteen hours of training and all the practice shooting at non-threatening paper targets that do not shoot back.

Highly trained expert shooters can have a bad day. What makes you so different?

A business is another matter. They have better insurance with higher coverage. Guess what? They can be sued if you shoot their place up. Actually, both you and the business will get sued.

You probably think this is crazy. Why do you think so many attorneys practice personal injury law? It is a good bet legal seminars are being designed just for the issue of injuries due to the concealed carry law. Lawyers can smell a buck better than a dog can smell a treat. They can grab it faster too.

With a few exceptions, like discrimination, businesses can control who patronizes their establishments and what goes on within the premises. Mr. or Ms. Pistol Packer, you are not a protected class under the anti-discrimination laws. If they want to ban armed citizens they have that right.

If you do not want to patronize businesses that forbid you from packing your "concealed" weapon, the weapon no one is supposed to know you are carrying because it is "concealed", that is your right.

Being dumber than a box of rocks is a right too.

Instead of shopping for quality merchandise or entertainment at the price you are willing to pay, you will have to stay home to shop or play on the internet. You can sit in your pajamas, wearing your "concealed" weapon, knowing you are safe and your moral outrage is justified.

That is probably best for everyone.









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