News during the polar vortex

Between the heavy snow, Antarctic weather, and grousing complaints of Chicagoans, the news did not stop.

Unlike Chicago public school teachers, reporters, photojournalists, editors, and others showed up for work. Whether it was television, print, or online, news people were out in force, in studios, or offices, churning out product. Some telecommuted from the warmth and safety of their homes.

And work they did. There were some rather interesting stories during the polar vortex.

Chicago Tribune photographers braved the brutal temperatures like polar explorers to bring us images from around the area.

Mayor Emanuel returned from his tropical vacation. The mayor looked well rested and snappy wearing a sporty gray pullover over his normally bespoke shirt. He fielded questions about the optics of his being in a jungle paradise while Chicago delved into the Ice Age.

Dennis Rodman, channeling his inner Kim Kardashian, visited his new pals in North Korea. As one person on Facebook commented on the story, the only difference between Rodman and Kardashian, Rodman wears less revealing clothing.

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The KKK is in the news again. The silk robed clownish cross dressers plastered Tinley Park with flyers. The Tinley Park police were investigating. Evidently, this has been going on for almost a year and is being labeled a "mystery". Shades of Sherlock Holmes. According to the Chief of Police, no crime was committed. No one in the news media questioned why the police keep investigating a mystery if no crime was committed.


Photo: Chicago Tribune

A couple of our lovable aldermen weighed in on the Dibs crisis. It appears constituents are calling them to complain about disturbances over the ritual tradition of blocking a  shoveled out parking space. Did those constituents really believe aldermen would actually do something about it? That would require thinking and work, two things antipodal to aldermen.

On Monday, as temperatures in Chicago plummeted so low, the polar bear in Lincoln Park Zoo refused to go out unless he got a ration of Malort, Broward County Florida declared a cold weather emergency. Temperatures were expected to plummet to bone chilling 50 degrees or lower. People were advised to wear knee high stockings with their flip flops and stay indoors to prevent weather related injuries.

Another emergency, which may affect the remaining NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, threatens to create mayhem and havoc throughout the nation. Kraft foods announced Velveeta may be in short supply. Shortages of the oozing cheese product may cause panicked citizens to descend on retail outlets to empty the shelves. Fighting and rioting may break out, as Velvetta is a survival staple during home football parties.

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