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Everyday is a learning experience, an experience in learning, or something like that.

At my age, waking up is experience enough. Being an argument, snow shovel, or stressful moment away from a heartastroke or chest grabber, getting the feet on the floor is a plus. Learning something knew since waking is an experience in and of itself.

I learned something through the experience of pain this morning. I am not 25, 35, or 45 any longer. I learned that when you slip and fall on a cold, hard, concrete sidewalk, landing on your elbow and rib, on Monday, it will hurt way more two days later. I hurt in places I did not know I have.

I learned when writing about favorite photos of the year, going through thousands to pick just the right ones takes hours sitting on my duff. This causes some swelling in my ugly feet. It also makes my carpal tunnel syndrome worse. New Years resolution? Create a file and put favorite photo(s) from each shoot into it as the year goes by.

I learned that when you make bacon jam and brag about it on Facebook, everyone and their mother wants some.

I also learned how to wrap a cat for Christmas:

I discovered that taking a late afternoon nap is not a very good idea. The squirrels are chasing each other in the tree in front of the house, causing the miserable mangy barking bowser to, well, bark. Pity dogs to not lose their barks like humans lose their voices after too much shouting. That dog can bark for an hour and start all over again just as loud.

After reading reviews of Kanye West's concert in Chicago and his various remarks on his life and business, I learned that he is really dumber than a box of rocks. I also learned and firmly believe that the thing he lives with, a Kardashian, is definitely not human. It bodes badly for our society that millions of people adore these two. Just think, they let those rabid fans vote.

I just learned famed Chicago WLS disc jockey, Larry Lujack died. I remember when he came to Chicago in 1967.

While researching something, I learned just how funny George Carlin really was. In today's oh so politically correct, unoffensive, cowardly oh so tender sensitivity society, he would fail as a comedian.

Last, but not least, I learned I could put all this learning and experience together in a blog post for Blogpalooz in 41 minutes.

Now, I will enjoy my wine and treats.

"Good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are." (Jimmy Durante)




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