Ten outrageous outrages of 2013

2013 could be coined the "Year of Outrage". Never have masses of ridiculous people been so roiled up over silliness. People got their little boy and girl underpants in mass collective wedgies over the most ridiculous issues. Never have so many overly tender sensitivities been offended.

The social media lynch mobs were out in full force, tarring and feathering every violator. The news media fanned the flames giving validation to total nonsense. Controversy swells sales and viewers.

We are fast becoming a nation of anger mongers. Spewing acrimony over trifling, meaningless, and harmless issues. Any expression, written, verbal, or artistic is grist for the mill. The targets of all this faux enmity are forced to wallow in apology and mea culpas until the wad's thirst for vengeance is sated.

Here are ten outrageous outrages of 2013:


C ubby Tees

10.) Cubby Tees created a tee shirt for the Chicago Blackhawks- Boston Bruins rivalry for the Stanley Cup. "Chicago Stronger" was a play on the Boston Strong slogan, coined after the Boston Marathon tragedy.  Heads exploded all over the place. Tears were shed in rivers, chubby angry fists were shaken, and tiny feet were stomped. People made up their own etiquette about propriety. Sales of the shirts were halted by the company. What nonsense. It was a good slogan on a sports themed tee shirt. Oh, Chicago was stronger. The Hawks won.

9.) The apartment of James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado shooter, is up for rent. People are outraged. Soon, this will be the next target of social media lynch mobs and people with enough time on their hands to put petitions on Change.org. Sentiment is rife that the property should be bulldozed. It is an apartment building. The apartment, inanimate space, did nothing to anyone. People who own apartment buildings rent apartments. Get over it. Unless, of course, all you tender oversensitive guilt ridden souls want to buy the building at full market price and destroy it yourselves.

8.) President Obama, the House of Representatives, and the United States Senate send masses of internet denizens into apoplexy. Obama lies, Reid lies, Boehner lies, Conservatives and liberals are liars. Democrats and Republicans are liars. People spend their lives on social media continually pointing this out. Every time you do this, the politicians laugh at you. All politicians lie. You voted for them. Politicians never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter.


Photo: Chicago Tribune

7.) The Ghost Burger, brought to you by the folks at Kuma's Corner, stirred up a hornets nest of outrage from Catholics and other Christians in Chicago. The Ghost Burger included a wine reduction, representing the blood of Christ and a host, representing the body of Christ. It also stirred up outrageous bigotry against all religions, especially in comment sections of news media and social media. Of course those same bigots demand their views and bigotry be respected. The only real issue is the food crime committed. Who would want to eat a piece of hardened paste with a burger? And a wine reduction on a burger? That is as felonious and heinous as ketchup on a hot dog.

6.) Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, unleashed an explosive rant and rage over assisted suicide not being legal. Once again, the social media lynch mobs, moralists, and so-called Right to Lifers went on the war path. Who makes up these silly rules about death and dying? What business is it of anyone else how a person decides they want to end their life, especially when said life is no longer worth living? If all these busybodies did productive work instead of gnashing their teeth and rending their garments over silliness, this would be a better country.

5.)"Show your Joe" took its lumps too. Those lovable folks at One Million Moms unleashed a torrent of abuse on Kmart for running this ad. Others with too much time on their hands took to social media demanding boycotts. It is a commercial for men's underwear. Men's underwear, even fancy boxers, is dull and boring. All you can do is make a comedy commercial about it. Get a life people.

4.) The government shut down that affected no one caused anger and angst among the masses with with keyboards. People from across the political spectrum unleashed a torrent of outrage and abuse on politicians. The day it was over, it was as if it never happened. There was no apocalypse. No harm. No foul. Business as usual.



3.) Al Jazeera came to America and Chicago. Social media activists and lynch mobs went ballistic. They made all sorts of specious accusations about the Qatar owned news operation. Folks, this is America. We have freedom of the press. Al Jazeera is just another news entity. Take the tin foil hats off, leave mommy's basement, get some air and oxygen to revitalize your brain cells.

2.) The Washington Redskins raised the hackles of needy sports writers seeking attention, social media lynch mobs, and the political correct police. Publicity seeking sports writers made it known they would refuse to use the full name of the team. "Redskins" is supposedly offensive. These scribblers are in solidarity with something or other. The team was formed and named over eighty years ago. Just because a fringe group of publicity seeking Native Americans demand change is no reason for intelligent people to go on the warpath. If PETA declares teams named after animals is cruel, will these same attention deficient sports writers refuse to use the names?

1.) Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson opened up a can of whoop butt over some crude statements he made about gays and his personal experience working with African Americans during the Civil Rights era. Much ado was made about nothing. A+E Networks was not going to lose millions of dollars in advertising revenue and licensing over Robertson's remarks. As fast as the controversy erupted it died. Lost in the tirades against Robertson was the bigotry of the article he was quoted in. The author and GQ have not apologized, offered to meet with country and backwoods folks, or create PSAs about demeaning people's life choices. Hypocrites, you can't kill them, you can't use their bones for soup.



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