It is Christmas not the "Holiday"

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Father Michael Phleger at Trayvon Martin protest (Peter V. Bella)

"Was just at a Mall...A friend who works at one of the Stores was telling me, employees were instructed NOT to say Merry Christmas only HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! But as I'm walking around in different stores all I'm hearing is Christmas Carols......So I ask a manager at one of the stores...Why are you playing Christmas Carols but workers can't say Merry Christmas?? He says well the carols put people in the Christmas Spirit of giving and buying....I said SO YOU DON'T MIND PIMPING JESUS FOR HIS SPIRIT BUT JUST CAN'T MENTION HIM...he says I GUESS SOMETHING LIKE THAT...SMH" (Father Michael Phleger)

For once, I agree with Father Phleger, as much as I hate to admit it.

Christmas is not the "Holiday" season. It is the Christmas season. The only people who are offended by Christmas are the marginal fringe politically correct activists who have power and sway with government and corporations.

Many of these are the Mensa morons from the hallowed halls of academia, where so much nonsense is created. They expound pluralism and inclusion from their ivory towers.

These few dictate tenets that the vast majority of Americans disagree with. How can so few have so much power? Most, if not all are products of higher education. Higher education is producing intellectual idiots, like the people who run companies that deny Christmas.


It is a Christmas tree, not a "holiday" tree. (Peter V. Bella)

If retail corporate America were to return to the Christmas season and Christmas shopping, how many customers do they really believe they will lose? Are so few offended people worth tradition and culture?

Are CEOs, other executives, and public relations weasels such cowards that they bend to the whim and will of a minuscule minority?

Are our presidents, governors, mayors, and other elected officials sniveling cowards too?

Yes. Not just yes, but hell yes.

Hanukkah, Ramadan, Passover, and other religious holidays are celebrated and lauded by politicians so they can be considered oh so inclusive, collect votes, and campaign cash. They never refer to them as the "Holiday".

Yet, when it comes to Christmas their yellow bellies get stuck in their throats. They just cannot seem to say or even write the word.

Why is Christmas such a dirty word in, politics, advertising, and marketing? What is so offensive about Christmas?

Who ever heard of a "holiday" tree, "holiday" cards, "holiday" decorations and ornaments, or "holiday" shopping?

People do not buy "holiday gifts". They buy Christmas gifts. Retailers, businesses, and politicians better get back on the bandwagon.

What next? Will carols and songs be rewritten to be politically correct? "All I Want for the Holiday is you." "Happy Holiday Baby." "Oh Holiday Tree." "We Wish you a Happy Holiday." "White Holiday."

Will the politically correct fringe groups change "A Christmas Carol" to "A Holiday Tale?"


They are Christmas decorations and ornaments, not "holiday" decorations and ornaments. (Peter V. Bella)

While it may be too late for this year, there is a way to fight back. Battle the marginal fringe Scrooges. Email and use social media to demand retailers put Christmas back or face a backlash of people who refuse to shop in their stores.

In the case of politicians, refuse to vote for them.

If a store clerk or checkout person wishes you "happy holiday" walk away from your purchase. If they said it after you paid, get your money back. Tell the refund people that you are offended and insulted by "happy holiday" during the Christmas season.

Demand politicians recognize and laud Christmas again, just like they do other religious holidays. Demand government purge" holiday" and insert Christmas in all their seasonal missives.

Write scathing emails to any politician sending a "holiday" card or email with Christmas decoration. Better, tear it up and send it back with a scathing note.

It is Christmas not the "holiday". Refuse to buckle to the marginal fringe, Mensa Morons, and intellectual idiots. Do not be a coward. Political correctness is for cowards. It is un-American.

Wish people a Merry Christmas. If you are religious, wish them a blessed Christmas. Bring Christmas back.

Let us not forget to wish well to others on their holidays. That is really being inclusive.

Send the fringe and minuscule fringe minority packing. Weaken their grip on the levers of power. Send them forever into hiding.

If these insignificant people do not want to celebrate Christmas that is their choice. Let them do as they wish.

Just leave the vast majority of us alone.


The chi rho has been used in one form or another for over one thousand years as a depiction of Christ or Christianity. (Image: Wikimedia Commons.)

Oh, and for all those supposed Christians offended and outraged by "Xmas", you are no better than the crepuscular cretins who run retail stores, businesses, and the politically correct politicians.

X is the ancient Greek symbol (abbreviation) for Christ. It is not offensive.

The X has been used as an abbreviation for over one thousand years. It was formed from the the Greek letters chi and rho, the first two letters of ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ, Greek for Christ.

Xmas is perfectly fine. It is historically, culturally, and theologically correct.



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