Black Friday the day of the dummies

Another Black Friday came and went. I dodged the shopping bullet again. I shopped during the course of the year, picking out things for people during my regular errands. A few items were bought online. Shopping done.

The day should be called, "Black Friday the Day of the Dummies".

It gets worse every year. People are injured, trampled, stampeded, or even killed for no reason other than they were too dumb to stay home or pursue other leisure, recreational, or worthwhile activities.

They were to stupid to pick out items during the course of the year, one or two at a time.


Stampeding sheep on Black Friday. (Photo: Chicago Tribune)

I never shopped on Black Friday and never will. There is nothing dumber than wading into or getting trampled by masses of crushing inhumanity all looking for a supposed deal.

Well, there is one thing dumber. The idiots who camp out overnight, waiting for the stores to open.

Black Friday Death Count tallies 7 deaths and 90 injured this year. There are links to several articles about the mayhem and carnage. The site is the only good thing about Black Friday.

These people were victims of their own stupidity.

If they just stayed home or pursued other activities they would not have been killed or injured. But, no, they had to go for supposed bargains and sales.

Like the sheep they are or were, they had to follow the herd.


Barbarian hordes. (Photo: Chicago Tribune)

People storming retail outlets on Black Friday is ridiculous. It is not like stores are going to run out of anything soon. Yet, the sheep storm through stores.

It is an invasion of baaing barbarian hordes.

People running through the doors at opening or through the aisles is ludicrous. It really demonstrates the lack of intelligence in the average American. Worse, too many of the sheep fell for the shopping on Thanksgiving scam.

Various reports claim over 140 million people participated in this nonsense. Just think they let these millions of low information people vote. Is it any wonder why our federal state, and local governments are such failures?

There were reports of mayhem at stores which opened on Thanksgiving. Uncivilized people fighting over junk.

Some in the media and various consumer groups are calling Thanksgiving gift shopping a new tradition. How low can we go as a culture or civilization?

Now comes Cyber Monday, the day the Internet gets clogged with ovine oglers looking for their "special" deals.


The average Black Friday shopper. (Chicago Tribune photo)

All these cretins buying stuff they cannot afford. They load up the plastic and probably will not pay off the balances plus interest before the next Day of the Dummies arrives.

The Thanksgiving holiday, a time we humbly express gratitude for what we have, is now a time of proud barbaric behavior by hordes of fools, blockheads, clods, dolts, dullards, and imbeciles. All looking for the supposed bargain or items allegedly limited or in short supply.

The new tradition is crass crude feral animals stampeding, grabbing, grappling, gouging, elbowing, kicking, and screaming to buy more junk that they or their children do not need.

I make no apologies for my no mercy, no pity attitude for those injured or killed. These people are the reason they put directions on shampoo bottles and warning labels on irons not to press clothing while wearing.

I do apologize for comparing these humans to sheep. Sheep have never done anything to me. They do provide delicious lamb, which I am fond of.






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