Bears disappoint again

Watching the Bears trying to get a playoff berth was painful. The Bears showed up to Soldier field. The Packers showed up to play football.

Stanley Cup at Gibsons. (Peter V. Bella)

Maybe Wirtz shoud buy the Bears. He likes to win.  (Peter V. Bella)

Jay Cutler is already taking the blame in some quarters. But, the defense kept taking naps. Cutler's job was to put points on the board. The D's job was to keep points off the board. Cutler did his job. The defense failed.

Just when you thought the defense came alive, they went back to their somnolence.

I am old enough to remember when the Bears defense was fearsome and feared. Killing the quarterback was their job. Butkus, Ditka, Hampton, McMichaels, and the rest. The Bears may have lost there share of games and there were long dry spells between playoffs and championships, yet their defense was brutal.

A high school football team could go up against the Bear's D like a hot knife through butter.

There is another issue. It is past time the McCaskey's sold the Bears. They may be good stewards, but they are not owners who have a passion for winning. The fire died.

No team can go to the play offs or win championships every year. But, they should at least make it more than the Bears. Maybe Rocky Wirtz should buy the bears. He loves to win.

The Bears need a major restructuring. If the heirs of Halas do not care to do it, they should just sell the team. They could cry about their nostalgia all the way to the bank.

Better, they could always change the name of the team to the Dysons. They do the same thing Dyson vacuums do.


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