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'It all began Sept. 6, 1620, when those Pilgrims sailed for the New World on the Mayflower. No iPads. No Xboxes. No men’s crotches grazing on the ground. No ladies boobs floating in the soup." (Cindy Adams/NY Post)

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And so it begins. The final countdown to Thanksgiving. The dreaded day of turkey terror for those hosting dinners. The day of too much eating, football, naps, shopping, preparing for shopping on Black Friday, the crazy uncle you let out of the attic, and the start of the Christmas season.

Then there are those turkey leftovers for sandwiches, Tetrazzini, and what not.

The Fall home decorations come down. The Christmas lights and decorations go up. Cars whiz by with Christmas trees tied on their roofs, shopping venues are over crowded with frenzied shoppers, Christmas music fills the air, and another Thanksgiving is put away until next year.

Lost in the turkey terror, feasting, football, parades, shopping, napping, and redecorating is the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving.

It is a day set aside to give thanks for what we have, no matter how little or much. It is a day of gratitude. A day to remember that no matter what life throws at us, there is always something to be thankful for, even life itself, if that is all you have.

It is also a time of sharing. We share food at our tables. But, we should also share some of our bounty with those less fortunate than us. There are plenty of opportunities to share, even if you only have a little. Food banks, charities, a donation to a church fund for the poor, or even buying some homeless person a sandwich.

Thanksgiving should not be a one day affair. The attitude of gratitude should be year round. There is much to be thankful for every day.

Here are ten things I am profoundly grateful for.



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