Chicago is a story in pictures


People have always had a love hate relationship with cities. Yet, our future, as a people, lies in cities. Chicago has always been a city planned on hope and dreams. It is a city of vitality, wholeness, and beauty. It is inhabited by saints, sinners, and scoundrels.

Chicago is bold, bright, brash, and colorful.

Chicago is a 3 dimensional city built on a one dimensional flat plain. Due to its location, it became the market place of the Midwest, the national hub of transportation, a mecca of art and culture, a center for big business, and a model of architecture.

Chicago's architecture demonstrates the pride of a city of builders.

The roots of this city lie in commerce and enterprise. Hard work is prized above any other trait.

Like other urban centers, Chicago has its problems. Crime, poverty, homelessness, the fight for education reform, congestion, and noise. The cost of governance rises and the bureaucracy is maddening.

Yet, Chicago deals with its problems. Its people, politicians, and organizations provide creative solutions, sometimes antagonizing each other. But, problems get solved, legitimately, illegitimately, or somewhere in a vast gray area. Some problems, like poverty and homelessness will always plague Chicago. They are part and parcel of Chicago's and the world's history.

Chicago is a story in pictures.

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