Stephen Colbert should be banned from Chicago

During the late 1940s through the early 1960s the Los Angeles Police Department Intelligence Division forbade known members of Chicago organized crime entry into their city. If known Outfit members landed at an airport or arrived by train they were ordered in no uncertain terms to get back on and go home or elsewhere. If one or more managed to sneak in, they were taken into custody, driven to the airport, and put on the next flight out of Los Angeles.

The L.A.P.D. were allowed to get away with this egregious conduct with nary a complaint, lawsuit, or even critical news report. Nothing happened to them. Los Angeles did not want foreign undesirables in their town. They had enough of their own.

The city of Chicago should institute a similar policy on people who falsely bash our town, especially bobblehead celebrities and journalists. If the bashers visit Chicago they should not be allowed out of the airport. They should be put on the next flight out. We do not want or need them here. They do not deserve to show their faces, be written up in social and gossip columns, or be allowed to act like the egotistical horse's rear ends they are.

It is not bad enough illegal aliens from Suburbia cross our borders, move into our city, and impose their strange sterile lifestyle upon us.

It is not bad enough savage transplants from other cities bash us while making their careers here.

It is not bad enough local beanie clad circus clowns, carnival barkers, charlatans, and frauds mock our neighborhoods.

We do not need cretinous celebrities who bash our city to come here. They should be stopped and forbidden to enter.

A good start would be Stephen Colbert, who recently compared Chicago to Syria. Mr. Colbert learned his craft in Chicago, lived here, went on to fame and fortune from here. Then, like most transplants, he became a flee bagger and left. Now, he thinks he is being cute. Thinking is his problem.

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There are more dangerous and violent places in America than Chicago. A few are New York, Los Angeles, the border towns of Texas, Detroit, and New Jersey, where Mr. Colbert lives.

It is time the City of Chicago establishes a strict policy to deny entry to any and all undesirables who bash, mock, insult, or make false accusations about Chicago. This should be strictly enforced. Chicagoans would suffer no harm if celebrities or celebrity journalists were forbidden entry into the city. If the city of Los Angeles could keep undesirables out for decades with no repercussions so can Chicago.

If Stephen Colbert ever steps foot off a plane, he should be detained and held until the next flight out- no matter where it is going. He and his ilk should never be allowed to enter our city. They are the new undesirables. Stephen Colbert should be banned from Chicago.

Chicago has enough undesirable people living here as it is. We do not need undesirable foreigners entering our city and bashing us with their false ignorant claims. They would do more harm than good. Think of the children, if nothing else.

Now if we can only deport the savage transplants, beanie clad charlatans and frauds, and Suburbians...

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