Pumpkins here pumpkins there pumpkins everywhere


Photo: Peter V. Bella

It is that time of year again. Pumpkin season is upon us. Pumpkins will be invading every aspect of our lives. Flower boxes on Michigan avenue feature pumpkins. All the stores and garden centers have pumpkins. Pumpkin lots will be springing up all over the city to sell the ubiquitous orange squash, until November when they convert to Christmas tree lots.

Then there are all those pumpkin carving contests. With social media and Instagram entry of your artistic mess is made easier. Here is my all time favorite.Then there are the ever so grand pumpkin seed spitting contests.

Pumpkins here, pumpkins there, pumpkins everywhere. Naturally pumpkins will be featured on menus all over the city. Corporate swill coffee shops will have pumpkin flavored lattes and pumpkin pastries. Pumpkin gelato will be available until the weather turns too cold. Restaurants will have their own variations on pumpkin.

Corporate mung factories will spew out Pumpkin McWhoppers, Pumpkin Tenders, Pumpkin Rib sandwiches, and Pumpkin kiddie meals with pumpkin toys that will cause over indulgent collecting parents to line up for hours at drive-thrus, creating massive traffic jams.


Photo: Peter V. Bella

Bagel shops will offer pumpkin bagels with a schmeer of pumpkin cream cheese. Pumpkin sushi or pumpkin lo mein anyone? How about pumpkin tamales? Pumpkin fries? Corn pumpkin on a stick? Maxwell Street Polish pumpkin sausage? Pumpkin turduckin? Pumpkincicles?

Hot fudge pumpkin sundaes or pumpkin splits?

Even the oh so creative artiste chefs at uber fine dining establishments will litter their menus with pumpkins. Pumpkin bisque, fried turtle testicles with pumpkin harissa dip, shark embryos swimming in pumpkin broth flecked with brunoise pumpkin flecks, or deconstructed pumpkin pie. Pasta with pumpkin sauce, pumpkin ravioli, tiny pumpkins on the half shell, or pumpkin souffle.

There is pumpkin beer, ale, Lambic, and pumpkin infused or flavored vodka. Soon even the bourbon companies will produce pumpkin flavored Wild Pumpkin, 101 proof of course. Then, when people are on their way to being soused with all that pumpkin yaki juice, they could sing and dance to the "Pumpkin Polka"; "Roll out the pumpkin, we'll have a pumpkin of fun..."


Photo: Peter V. Bella

Martha Stewart will be all over various media platforms touting pumpkin recipes, using the pumpkins she lovingly grew on one of her farms, Pumpkin Hollow. Of course the pumpkins will be colored Martha's favorite special orange hue thanks to her over friendly neighbor, the botanist, who also makes a killer pumpkin wine. "It's a good thing."

The pumpkin is so ubiquitous it should be one of our national symbols. Right up there with the Bald Eagle, the pyramid with the eye, the turkey, and the Stars and Stripes.

Some mottos could be changed to "In pumpkins we trust". Why not?

We could call the symbol "The Great Pumpkin". Charles M. Schultz, Linus, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts crowd would be elated.






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