Looking for love through advertising

Drive down the Stevenson Expressway and you are likely to see an unusual billboard. The billboard shows a man playing a guitar. It proclaims, "...I'm Gordon let's have Dinner!" Underneath there is the website, "HelpGordyFindLove.com".

The billboard and ad are by Gordon Engle, described as a wealthy divorced entrepreneur. Mr. Engle tired of trying to find love through computer dating. He did, what he thought, was the next best thing. Put up a billboard.

In the 1980s famous copywriter, Gary Halbert (1938-2007),  bought space in print media for  a full page classified ad he wrote himself:

"Are you more than just another pretty face?
Generous Creative Businessman Wants
to Find a Hot, Sexy Woman With
a Good Sense of Humor

While long and dense, it is humorous. It is classic copywriting. The title makes you want to read the first paragraph. The first sentence forces you to read the second sentence, and on and on. It is an irresistible read to the end.

Anyone can take some of these ideas, run with them, and possibly find the love of their life. Warning! Alarm Bells! Do not even think of copying and pasting, plagiarizing, or stealing any direct quotes from Halbert's ad. Your legal woes will be very painful.



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