Couch Place Alley ACTIVATE- Photo Gallery


Couch Place, an alley just south of Lake street, was the scene of "ACTIVATE", a pop-up art fest on Thursday. Couch Place sits between ABC studios the Gene Siskel Film Center.  It was billed as a part of a "placemaking initiative" by the Chicago Loop Alliance (CLA).

Couch Place, named after the hotelier Couch brothers, is part of the historical fabric of the Loop.

The event was part entertainment, pop-up art gallery, and fashion show. From the crowd of people on hand the event appeared to be a success. CLA would like to utilize Couch Place for other events through out the year.

Chicago Loop Alliance was founded in 2005.  It was a merger between the Central Michigan Avenue Association and the Greater State Street Council. Both groups were notable Chicago institutions. They were formed by local businesses with the purpose of keeping the downtown area economically prosperous.

The CLA envisions using various pop-up art and placemaking events to draw people to the Loop. Past events included Open Streets, Art Loop, WinterWonderLoop, and Loop the Loop. The events are created as family friendly vehicles to showcase the Loop's cultural, shopping, architecture, dining, and theaters.




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