Concealed carry dumb and dumber part II

Recently, I wrote about dumb politicians passing laws to prohibit people from carrying concealed firearms in certain venues. I also excoriated the dumb firearm owners who just can't wait to walk in public letting the whole world know they are carrying concealed firearms. It is getting harder and harder to tell who is more stupid in our society, the politicians or the people.

IMG_0109This week Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, made a "respectful request" to gun owners not to carry concealed weapons in Starbucks. Gun rights activist heads exploded all over the Internet and social media.

Once again, for the uninformed, illiterate, uneducated, bark chewers, trailer trash, and primitive residents of that foreign land called Suburbia, concealed means hidden. It means out of sight. It means covered so no one can see or suspect. It also means lips sealed.

If you are truly carrying a concealed firearm no one should even get a whim or dream your are packing heat. They should not even suspect it. You should be able to walk any place, any time, free as a bird, without people knowing you have your trusty pistola with you.

Evidently too many people, including gun toters, politicians and successful business people, are functional illiterates. They do not know what concealed means.

Imagine this. Some moron walks into a business with his jacket open and his old pistola in sight for the whole world to see. Folks, that is not concealed carry. That is sheer stupidity. The same holds true for women who open their purses to pay and there is their pretty little gun. Then there are the blabber mouths. They just can't help telling the whole world they are packing heat.

Dumb, dumber, and dumbest. Clueless. Stupid. Moronic. Cretinous. Irresponsible. Only a complete fool would carry a concealed weapon and let others see it or know they are carrying it. People like this should not even own firearms. They are a danger to themselves.

No one, except your immediate family, should know you carry or even own a firearm. No one should know or suspect you are armed. Responsible firearms owners could walk anywhere on earth, except an airport or other venues with metal detectors, and there would be no suspicion they are armed. Concealed means concealed.

If you, the individual firearm owner, cannot keep your weapon concealed, then you are  danger to yourself. You have no business carrying a "concealed" weapon. You are irresponsible. Why not just carry a sign stating you are armed, not dangerous, and stupid?

As to the dumb politicians and business people creating these publicity stunts, how would you know if someone is really carrying a concealed weapon? I, and others I know, could walk into just about any business armed to the teeth and no one would even suspect a fingernail file, let alone an arsenal. That is what concealed means. No one knows. No one sees. No one suspects.

It is time for all the morons and cretins to stop bragging, stop posting on social media, and start getting smart. Learn how to use a dictionary. Look up the word concealed. Then look up the word stupid. For the illiterate, functional illiterate, politicians, over educated CEOs, and residents of that foreign land called Suburbia, stupid can be found in the dictionary between show-off and syphilis.

I do not discourage or encourage people to carry firearms. I do encourage people to be intelligent and responsible. Maybe that is too much to ask.



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