Chicago's violent outlaws must be exposed

Guns are not killing people in Chicago. People are killing people in Chicago.

Gangs, drug operators, and wannabe gangbangers and drug dealers are committing or responsible for most of the murders in Chicago.

The killers and their murderous leadership should be the talking point and focus of attention along with politicians, community organizers, urban translators, interrupters, political preachers, and others who are aiding, abetting, and profiting off murder and mayhem.

Who are these people? Who are these outlaws who run the gangs, drug operations, and continuing criminal enterprises? Who is really responsible?

Mayor Emanuel should realize he could use the media as a powerful weapon. During the 1920s everyone knew who Al Capone and the rest of the leaders of organized crime were.


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Through the 1940s-1990s everyone in Chicago knew who the inheritors of Capone were. Tony Accardo, Paul Ricca, Sam Giancanna, the Fischetti brothers, Chuck Nicolletti, Angelo LaPietra, John Difronzo, Joey Lombardo, Anthony Spilotro, Gus Alex, Lenny Patrick, Sam Carlisi, Vince Solano,  and Jackie Cerone, just to name a few.

Their faces were recognizable thanks to all the media attention paid to them.

Part of that was planned. There was a partnership with law enforcement, commercial interests, and the news media to publicly expose the leaders of organized crime.

Chicago was publicly shamed and embarrassed every time relationships with organized crime and City Hall were publicized. Today it is the new normal. Aldermen and other politicians proudly wallow in the muck and mire with criminals. They are partners with murderers. This must stop. Expose and shame them.

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People do not know the hierarchies of the major drug and gang operations in Chicago. (Graphic- Peter V. Bella)

People in Chicago do not know the hierarchy of the Gangster Disciples, the Latin Kings, Black P. Stones, or any of the other major gangs. No one knows the hierarchy of the major drug operations.

The gang and drug leaders walk our streets with the impunity of anonymity.

It is time to put faces and names to the violence in Chicago. People have a right to know who is controlling all the crime, murder, and mayhem. Forget nonsensical political correctness or the ridiculous concept of offending the oh so tender sensitivities of racial and ethnic communities.

Murdering children is more offensive than political or social palatability.

Put the names, hierarchies, and faces of Chicago's gangs and drug operators on the front pages, television screens,Internet, social media,  and other venues day after day after day.

Make sure reporters chase these people down. Just like they chased down the former crime bosses. No one cared about offending the tender sensitivities of ethnic groups when traditional organized crime reigned in Chicago.

Create a public enemies list with the names and faces of gang and drug leaders and their hierarchies. Plaster their faces all over the city, in parks, libraries, schools, and other public buildings.

Make sure reporters know which aldermen, clergy, unions, contractors, and community organizations are working hand in hand with the street gangs and dope dealers. Let them be chased down daily and asked questions about their cozy relationships and associations with the gangs and drug dealers.

The news media should be laser focused on exposing the leaders of Chicago's street gangs and drug operations. Instead of focusing on perceived political failures, the media should be demanding the names and photographs of the gang and drug hierarchies. Instead of focusing on trite talking points the media should be running down the known gang leaders.

If any "socially conscious" people in news rooms express concerns about tender racial or ethnic sensitivities they should be harshly reminded they can always work someplace else. Tender sensitivities and social consciousness- whatever those are- have no place in reporting the truth about murder and mayhem.

The urban translator who proudly wears gang logos, interrupters, blow dried priest, political preachers, community organizers, Beanie Babies™ and other murder and mayhem profiteers in Chicago should be ignored, ostracized, and treated like pariahs.

The mayor should also do all in his power to stop any and all gang summits, to the threat of putting heavy overt surveillance on them if summits are planned. You do not beg criminals to stop murder and mayhem. Creating truces between organized criminal enterprises is not only silly, it is a sign of weakness. It tells the world you cannot control crime. There is no law and order.

Gang and drug leaders are outlaws and outcasts. They should have no say, sway, or seat at any table.

A no mercy, no pity, give no quarter, scorched earth policy, plan and partnership with law enforcement and the media is needed to decimate the gang and drug organizations. Take the battle for Chicago right to the gangs and drug organizations, including their associates, enablers, aiders, and abettors.

Get in their faces. Show no deference, no respect, no sympathy, no empathy.

Gang members and drug dealers are a vermin, pestilence, and pox in Chicago. They should be treated as such. For too long under too many administrations they have been allowed to operate, grow in numbers and power to corrupt and destroy whole communities. It is time to show them who really runs Chicago. It is time to make their lives totally miserable.

Outlaws are not upstanding members of the community. Their continuing criminal enterprises do not operate for the betterment of society. They are not and should not be treated as a legitimate powerful force or political entity to be negotiated with. They should be mercilessly harassed, investigated, arrested, and prosecuted.

Meeting or negotiating with criminals gives them and their continuing criminal enterprises credibility and respect they do not merit or deserve. They should be disrespected and disparaged at every turn.

Chicago's violent outlaws must be exposed. How many more children must die due to political palatability?




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