“Butterflies & Buffalo: Tales of American Culture”


The world's largest film camera is in Chicago. The camera is one of a kind, custom designed and built by Chicago photographer, Dennis Manarchy. The camera is 35 feet long and produces six foot by three foot negatives. Other than its size, the camera is of traditional design and function. The lens is described as "massive". This allows 24 foot tall prints to be created with stunning clarity and over 1000 times the detail of advanced digital cameras.

Butterflies & Buffalo: Tales of American Culture” celebrates the diverse cultures in America and the approaching 200th anniversary of the camera. Dennis Manarchy traveled over 20,000 miles to photograph various American ethnic cultures. The result is a breathtaking exhibition.

Images from“Butterflies & Buffalo: Tales of American Culture” and the camera are on display at Two N. Riverside Plaza from 7am to 7pm daily.



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