Ben Joravsky is a "venomed folly-fallen fustilarian"

The Chicago Reader's Ben Joravsky is a good reporter. He is the expert and go to guy on Tax Increment Financing (TIFS). He knows more about TIFs than the policy wonks who created them. He covered many stories over his career. Even though his stories were opinionated, there was always factual accuracy.

Joravsky is a tireless good government advocate. He is a tenacious researcher. Joravsky is one of the few people you do not want to get into a fact fight with.


Ben Joravsky (Facebook Page)

Joravsky is also a good writer. He is author of the critically acclaimed "Hoop Dreams and co-author of "The Greens".

Lately Ben Joravsky is becoming a boor. He is mad, angry, and incensed at Mayor Rahm Emanuel. That does not make him a boor. Chicagoans have a love hate relationship with their politicians. They hate them for four years but reelect most of them. Go figure.

It is the profanity, vulgarity, and obscenity he sprinkles in his columns that make him a boor. If he wants to throw around F-bombs and other profanity he should quit his job at the Reader and write for the Kos Kids. Puerile behavior is all they are good for.

It is hard to give credibility to anyone who laces their pieces with obscenity. Joravasky is too good of a reporter to lose his credibility over his choice of language. There is nothing wrong with being mad at politicians. There is something wrong when you let your anger boil over into useless vulgarity.

Mike Royko was an angry guy. He wrote his column over four decades. He did not need profanity to get his point across. Others write columns that exhibit anger and disgust without vulgarity. There is no reason for it. It is pure laziness.

The English language is a treasure trove of insulting words and terms. Politicians and their partners in crime can be debased and denigrated without resorting to common profanity, vulgarity, and obscenity.

While profanity may resonate with so-called hip cool readership of the Chicago Reader, Joravsky's topics are too serious to devolve into drivel and drek. Profanity in reportage only appeals to low information people. Maybe that is the audience he is trying to target. A majority of Chicago voters are low information people.

Ben Joravsky is one of the best reporters working in non-mainstream news media today. His dogged determination, coruscating writing, and rebelliousness make him a rara avis. He spoils those exceptional qualities by smattering profanity in his columns.

C'mon Ben, you are way better than that. Stop being an "idiot of idiot worshippers". Do not stoop to the level of "currish brazen faced measles". Stop appealing to the lowest common denominator of "artless swag-belly malt worms". Just because Chicago politicians are "gorbellied hell hated canker blossoms", does not mean you must be one.

Ben, stop being a "venomed folly-fallen fustilarian". Stop the vulgarity and get creative. Humor is a much better way to denigrate than profanity. It is way classier too.





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