You just can't make this stuff up

You just can't make this stuff up:

1.) Miley Cyrus dirty twerky dancing. News media heads exploded. Must be a slow news week.

2.) North West picture appearing on Grandmama Kardashian television show. And just what is a Kardashian?

3.) Lamar Odom missing. Husband of a Kardashian. Who cares? And just what is a Kardashian?

4.) Mike Tyson claiming he is a "vicious alcoholic". Mike who?

5.) Criminal Alec Baldwin and wife had a baby? Why is this so important? It will be important if he is ever arrested for beating up photographers.

6.) Nikki Finke might get fired or quit or something. Hollywood will just yawn, stretch, and scratch.

7.) Peter tweeter Anthony Weiner was in a car wreck. It would only be news if he was tweeting to a twat.

8.) Secretary of State John Kerry finally bashes Syria over last weeks gas attacks. It sure took him long enough.

9.) OJ Simpson's mansion was snatched by the bank and is in foreclosure. So what? He won't need it where he is at.

10.) Bubble Soccer. A game for Bronies and Pegasisters.

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