Tio Hardiman is back

Chicago is an interesting city in more ways than one.

Dozens of members of the Chicago Outfit will be invited to a crime summit. Organized by anti-violence activist, Charles Ponzi, Father Guido LaVazza, and Rabbi Bernard Madoff, the summit will attempt to prevent murder, mayhem, and bloodshed in Chicago. The goal is to end the practice of finding the bodies of wayward gangsters in the trunks of cars, sewers, and on the streets.

Al Capone Residence

Former home of Al Capone. (Peter V. Bella)

The intention of the summit is to bring "the killers to the table". "Chicago is tired of being the murder capital of the world, said Charles Ponzi.

"Even though the Chicago Outfit is a mere shadow what it used to be, there is still the threat that violence and bloodshed can break out at anytime," Fr. LaVazza said.

Rabbi Madoff is concerned about the negative stereotypes that a few killers bring to Jews and Italians. "Jews and Italians killing each other, no matter how few, harms both our races irreparably. It is time to stop the killing, the beatings, and the bombings." The summit is planned to be held at the former home of Al Capone, if arrangements can be made.

Since the 1980s, the Chicago Outfit has shrunk in size, though their activities continue to be profitable. The Department of Justice targeted and decimated the leadership. But, the Outfit's grip on crime, vice, and other illicit activities still holds fast. The heirs to Accardo are very active.

Can you imagine if a story like the above was published in a major newspaper? Who would take it seriously? Who could not help but laugh? Intelligent people would think the Onion, "Americas's finest news source," ran it.


Tio Hardiman. (Chicago Tribune)

A story just like that was published in the Chicago Sun-Times. Tio Hardiman, the disgraced head of CeaseFire, wants to organize a gang summit in Chicago to supposedly end the violence. He wants to bring "the killers to the table". Hopefully the police will be on hand to arrest them.

Street gangs are organized criminal enterprises. All members of gangs are criminals. Those who associate with gangs, in any capacity, are associates of organized crime. Tio Hardiman is not demanding the gangs disband and stop their organized illicit criminal activities, especially selling narcotics. He just wants them to stop killing people. How wonderful. How cute. How useless. How fraudulent.

Tio Hardiman and his ilk are part and parcel of the problem, not the solution. The only way to end the killing and other violence is to attack and take apart the gangs. Put them out of business. Eliminate them. Put anyone who associates with gang members, like Tio Hardiman, out of business too.


Reverend Jesse Jackson. (Peter V. Bella)

Hardiman is hoping to get Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on board. That will guarantee nothing, except both reverends bank accounts and egos growing.

There is a very good reason why Hardiman wants this summit. It has nothing to do with violence, murder, bloodshed, or mayhem.

Tio Hardiman announced he may run for governor. He, like many Chicago politicians, need the street gangs to do political work. He needs petitions circulated, people going door to door with handouts, signs put up, and thugs at polling places.

He also needs the infusions of under the table cash the gangs provide, just like some of our more illustrious aldermen, county commissioners, and state and federal legislators.

Things haven't changed much in Chicago since the Outfit ruled the roost, except the racial and ethnic make up of organized crime. The same types of criminals who helped politicians in the past are doing it today. History taught us that when you let organized crime in the political door, it will bite back, bite hard, and if you balk, bite bloody. History repeats itself.

Chicago does not need a gang summit. Chicago needs to eliminate street gangs. Break them up, scatter them to the wind. End their predatory and bloody reign over communities. Mayor Rahm Emanuel should put a stop to this summit now, before it gets legs.

Chicago does not need to legitimize illicit organizations. Chicago does not need to be ridiculed. We are a civilized city.

Chicago does not need charlatans and frauds continually fooling low information voters into believing street gangs can be used for positive change. Criminals are criminals. They should be treated as such. Enough low information voters keep electing and reelecting the same problem politicians over and over again. Chicago does not need more gullible people falling for another con job.

There is another thing Chicago does not need. A major newspaper aiding, abetting, and enabling organized criminals and associates of organized crime, like Tio Hardiman. It is shameful, disgraceful, and detestable. The Onion has more credibility.




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