Stop and frisk keeps Chicago safe

The New York City Council passed a law that effectively bans stop and frisk activities by police officers. The police union posted notices in all precincts warning officers about the ramifications of the new law. New York Police officers are on record stating they will do nothing proactive, except show up and take reports. New York will return to the days of being the murder capital of America.

Chicago experienced a similar fate for a brief time. Under former Superintendent Jody Weis, Chicago Police Officers feared for their jobs and feared getting indicted. They did not trust Weis. His actions, policies, and procedures fueled that mistrust. Fortunately Weis was terminated before he could do any more damage. Unfortunately it took too long to undo the damage he wrought.

The New York City Police Department made a big mistake making stop and frisk a policy and turning it into a public relations gimmick. Stop and frisk is just one of many mundane tactics police officers use to prevent crime or arrest criminals. Guns, drugs, proceeds from crimes, and other contraband are discovered on a daily basis using stop and frisk. Most important, lives are saved. The lives of the public and the lives of police officers.

New York police officials and Mayor Bloomberg decided to splash stop and frisk all over the media. They made a spectacle out of it. Mundane tactics do not belong on the front pages. Sleepy lawyers, so-called civil rights activists, lazy community organizers, and woke up and smelled the money. Opportunist politicians saw votes. They tripped over each other to get their mugs in front of cameras and microphones creating a perception of injustice. They repeated the lie long enough until too many low information people believed it.

It appears Chicago is much better  than New York. It is safer, cleaner, and we do not need to constantly brag about mundane boring things used to keep it that way. In Chicago we do what has to be done. In the case of policing, prosecutors and courts decide if actions were warranted, not scheming politicians and money grubbing activists. Yes, there are a few cry baby politicians and whiny community organizers who complain. Fortunately no one listens to them or takes them seriously.

New York will soon be the "Second City". It should also take the moniker of the "Windy City" for the halitosis hurricane its politicians, activists, and others created to end stop and frisk.  The public will suffer for foul gale force wind that blew through New York City.

The Chicago Police Department has and continues to use stop and frisk effectively. It is only one of many tools used to deter crime and make arrests. The murder rate is down. Other crime is down too.

Yes, there are areas in the city where lawlessness is rife. If our politicians ever decide to stop playing footsie with the gangs and drug cartels and allow the police to decimate them, that violence will recede.

New York politicians can now revel and wallow in their mistake. People will be comparing New York to a war zone. New York proves that crime pays. Criminals will now have no fear. They will once again roam the streets armed and dangerous. Dope sales will increase for dopes, and people will suffer. People will also start fleeing New York again like they did in the 1970s.

Oh, and please do not invite the flee bag New Yorkers to Chicago. They will bring their funny ideas here and ruin our paradise.







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