Guardian Angels "rapist" hit and run publicity stunt

The beanie clad Bowery Boys© are at it again. Miguel Fuentes, the head red beanie in charge, cannot get enough face time with the cameras. His troupe of jongleurs staged another publicity stunt.



It was not bad enough the Little Rascals© tried to smear the Magnificent Mile with handouts declaring it "Mugger's Mile". They mugged the news cameras and microphones then disappeared into the woodwork like cockroaches.

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Screen Shot Miguel Fuentes Facebook Page.

Their latest hit and run stunt involves the criminal sexual assault of a woman at a River North business. The red beanied Care Bears™ put out fliers about a "River North Rapist".

Once again they proved they are only good for using inflammatory tactics, mugging the media, and like vermin, disappearing into the woodwork.

After their last public relations stunt, it is surprising they did not label River North "Rapist North".

Picture 3

Guardian Angels posing in non-existent "abandoned tunnel". (Screen shot Miguel Fuentes Facebook page)

Their con game only gets worse. The Guardian Angels falsely claimed they found an "abandoned tunnel" near the scene of the sexual assault where "drug users shoot up and homeless people sleep".

There is no abandoned tunnel. Their "find" is one of the underground streets or building passageways that are part of the River North area. If you look closely, you will see the brick work, curb, and pavement are newer and there are modern electrical conduits along the wall.

The supercilious poseurs had their photograph taken to demonstrate how dumb they really are. This is part and parcel of the fraudulent publicity stunts the Guardian Angels perpetrate.

They showed no evidence that drug users shoot up or homeless people sleep there. Homeless people, if they really sleep there, do so because it is safe. Most homeless people are not dangerous criminals and some have been known to stop crimes or help catch real criminals. This photograph is phony fear mongering at its worst.

The Guardian Angels espouse they are well trained in various concepts, including criminal law. Evidently the supposedly "well trained" Che Guevara look a-likes are not trained at all.

In Illinois there is no such crime as rape. If there is no such crime as rape, there is no such criminal as a rapist. The Teletubbies™ are far behind the times in their supposed legal training and use of language.

Several years ago, Illinois reclassified sex crimes. The legal definition of rape was too narrow. It was getting harder to charge and convict various types of sex offenders. The term "rape" was also determined to be insensitive, unpalatable and offensive to victims. Criminal Sexual Assault replaced rape. Rape no longer exists in legal and most media lexicon. Only news people too lazy to write or say "criminal sexual assault" use the term rape.

Rape and rapist are inflammatory words. That is why the Guardian Angels use them. Public relations weasels need such language to garner attention to themselves. Rape and rapist are used as shock speech and expression.

There is no serial "rapist" fiend terrorizing River North. There was one crime against one victim. There is no reported evidence a "rapist" is on the loose hunting down women, except in the fevered minds of the Guardian Angels. River North is safe just like the Magnificent Mile, Gold Coast, and Near North entertainment area are safe.

The Guardian Angels use linguistic legerdemain, the art of charlatans and frauds, to generate publicity. It is unfortunate so many gullible people and politicians in Chicago fall for the scam. They are following in the footsteps of the glib tongued mountebank who created them.

Picture 2

Screen shot Guardian Angels website.

Chicago does not need a group of carnival barker vigilantes besmirching perfectly safe neighborhoods with dishonest hit and run publicity stunts.

Chicago does not need circus clowns finding non-existent "abandoned tunnels" to falsely prove dark danger lurks. Chicago does not need a vigilante lynch mob running around like fear mongering heads with their chickens cut off.

It is time to say enough is enough. The CTA and Chicago Police Department should cease any and all cooperation with the Guardian Angels. No elected official should give them credibility or cachet. The news media should ignore them and their publicity stunts, unless they actually do something news worthy.

Business people, groups, and associations should demand the vigilantes cease operating in their neighborhoods, especially in the tourist and entertainment areas. Vigilantes give any area an odorous reputation. Chicago is not the lawless primitive backwater portrayed by tabloids, bloggers, and vigilante lynch mobs.

The Guardian Angels are part of a growing list of grifters operating in Chicago. Chicago has too many scam artists who fool the ignorant public and politicians into believing they can deter crime, create safe havens, or stop violence. Some even get tax dollars to waste on their scams.

Low information people who support and defend these con men do more harm than good. They aid, abet, and perpetuate fraud and deception. Violent crime is down in Chicago, except in the areas where street gangs and the drug trade abound. Areas the Guardian Angels dare not insult or besmirch with their shock speech and expression.

Imagine what would happen if the vigilantes labeled Englewood or Auburn Gresham "Murderer's Row" or "Death Alley" Citizens, business people, preachers, and politicians would rightfully run them out, accusing them of racism to boot.

Chicago does not need fear mongering costumed thespians insulting its neighborhoods. Allowing vigilante lynch mobs dressed like gangbangers to roam our streets and public transportation system is an insult to our cosmopolitan city.





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