Defending Chicago from savage New Yorkers

"A judge’s overhaul of stop-and-frisk could send Big Apple crime soaring to levels found in blighted cities like Chicago and Detroit, NYPD cops warned yesterday." (New York Post)


Photo: Peter V. Bella

Chicago a blighted city? Compared with Detroit, also known as "Destroyed"? New Yorkers are sure strange people. It must be the starvation dietary regimen imposed by Emperor Bloomberg that muddles their perception and critical thinking skills.

Chicago is not a blighted city. As a member in good standing of the Chicago Defense League, it is my duty and obligation to defend our civilized city from the savage hordes in New York City.

It was not bad enough that an ignorant New York transplant besmirched Chicago with trite insults in the New York Times. Then there was the HUFFPO travel blogger who thinks bankrupt and bombed out looking Detroit is a much better city to visit.

The tabloid New York Post did our cosmopolitan city a great injustice. It is an injustice we cannot let slip by. Look at the current mayor of New York, a mamaluke who thinks he is an omnipotent medieval emperor and rules by despotic fiat. He proves any blithering idiot can get elected to public office in New York.

Just look who is running to replace him. A group of buffoons and poltroons including peter tweeter Anthony Weiner. Client #9 in socks, Eliot Spitzer, is running for Comptroller. If someone has to keep the books for that whorehouse, it may as well be a person experienced in such matters.

Does Chicago have blight? Of course. It has no more than other large urban areas, including New York. Detroit being the exception. That whole city is blight. But, even our blighted neighborhoods are clean. The streets are swept, the garbage is picked up, and vacant lots are tended.


Chicago neighborhood home. (Peter V. Bella photo)

The City Beautiful movement was started in Chicago. There is a Chicago school of architecture. If it was not for those, New York would still be a city of tenement slums and horse drawn carts.

Chicago is a world class city compared to New York. Chicago buildings do not collapse. It seems at least once a week a building collapses in New York City.

Chicago is a clean city. We do not put our trash on the sidewalk in bags. We use trash containers, placing them in alleys. Chicago was planned and designed way better than New York.

Chicago is a safe city.The violent crime rate in Chicago is down again this year. Crime overall is down. Reading the New York papers, all they report is crime. Not just crime, but gruesome crimes, like the headless body in a topless bar, savage and brutal street attacks, vicious club and bar room brawls,  Wild West style shootings, stabbings, sexual assaults, and a host of other heinous crimes. New York is like some Western cattle town or war torn primitive nation.


Photo: Peter V. Bella

Most of Chicago is easily navigable by car or public transportation. In New York you could walk across town faster with the vehicular gridlock on their streets. But you better not stop. The herd may stampede you, leaving you ground into the concrete. One or two of them may kick you a few times for good measure.

You can safely cross the streets in Chicago. Pedestrians in New York take their lives in their hands every time the step off a curb.

Chicago has cleaner air and water than New York. Chicago has a lake front with clean beaches and mostly well behaved people. Sometimes suburbanites invade our shores causing problems. They find out quickly we do not tolerate their backwoods behavior. New York has some waterfront and for the most part it is tacky. Our parks and public art are some of the most beautiful in the world.


Photo: Peter V. Bella

People in Chicago work hard. People are not afraid to get dirty, dusty, or calloused hands. The most menial to the wealthiest keep their noses to the grindstone. Our elites do not vacation in some primitive place called the Hamptons, frolic on yachts during business hours, or wander from afternoon gala event to gala event in search of a camera to capture their mugs.

Chicagoans are prodigious, industrious, and have their priorities in line with reality. We have families to feed, kids to educate, and no time for living a fantasy life like New Yorkers.

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods and real homes. New York is a city of the wad, with dinky apartments, rat killing cockroaches, cat killing rats, and vermin and pestilence of all types. Recently, the New York news media reported on the neighborhoods with the highest rates of STDs. Chicago neighborhoods do not have that disgrace.

If it wasn't for the New York City Police and Fire Departments, New York would be a blighted bombed and burned out war zone like Detroit. They are the only sane things keeping New York from total annihilation.


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