Chicago children belong in school


Child at teacher's strike protest last year. (Peter V. Bella)

Chicago children belong in school. They do not belong in protesting in the street on school days. Chicago children need to be educated not indoctrinated.

Contrary to what activist propaganda touts, they do not need to learn about democracy in the streets. There is no such thing.

Activists are calling for a boycott of classes on Wednesday to protest school closings and budget cuts. They want parents to pull their children out of school and make them attend a rally in front of the Board of Education offices. Parents should ignore the activists and leave their children in school.

If parents want to protest that is fine and well. Taking children out of school for no good reason is akin to child neglect.

Activists are heavily playing the race card. They are claiming that Chicago's education policies are racist. Most, if not all of these activists could not define racism if their lives depended on it.

The definition of racism has been diluted to mean whatever propagandists claim it means.Activists are long on propaganda and short on solutions. They know that low information and gullible people, including some journalists, will believe anything.

It is time to stop the madness. The Chicago Public School system is in a fiduciary mess. This mess has been decades in the making. Now it is time to clean it up. Make no mistake, the children will not suffer. Only adults will. The teachers, unnecessary bureaucrats and staff whose jobs were eliminated will pay a price. The children will be just fine.


CTU president, Karen Lewis speaking during teacher's strike last year. (Peter V. Bella)

This fight is between adults. Using children as some kind of symbols or props of oppression is despicable, detestable, deplorable, and disgusting.

Activists count on using the lowest common denominators to get their points across. They would use human sacrifice if they thought it would work.

There has been too much propaganda and no viable solutions offered by the activists. For over fifty years Chicago has struggled with various methods of school reform.

All of it was aimed at adults whose jobs were at stake; politicians, teachers, union officials, and professional activists. The children were left out of the equation.

Chicago public schools kept failing miserably. They are in the same condition as they were in 1955, if not worse.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel took the bull by the horns. He did what no other mayors or politicians in Chicago have. He also cut some the waste and inefficiency out of the budget. He deserves a chance to see if his reforms work. The only way to determine that is how well children are educated. That will take time- two to four years at the very least.

Adults do not count. If test scores and graduation rates rise in the next two years, all this blathering and bloviating will be for naught. Sabotaging the reforms will prove nothing except the adults are more concerned for their own welfare, not the children's.

Activists appeal to the lowest information and most gullible people. That is why crying racism works so well. By the way, they already lost that argument in the courts. Activists know there are masses of people who will believe anything, so they throw anything out there knowing it will stick. The activists are charlatans and frauds perpetrating a con and scam on a too gullible public.


Child at protest outside mayor's office during lat year's teacher's strike. (Peter V. Bella)

Parents, your children belong in school. They do not belong on the street during school days. If you are gullible enough to fall for the activists con game, protest. That is your right. But, at least know what you are protesting for. It is not for your children. It is for adults.

Any teacher who fails to show up on Wednesday should be immediately fired. Any student who shows up should be disciplined. That would send a strong message. But, we live in a city with cowardly high level bureaucrats and politicians. Their silence and inaction will just encourage public employees to more egregious behavior. They will also include and harm your children in the process.

The tax payers are the only ones who really suffer. Tax payers have been paying a high price for failing schools for too long. Tax payers should not pay the price for scam artist activists, unions, and others who profit from failure.

Chicago parents, take your kids to school Wednesday. School is where they belong. They do not belong in the streets. Then, if you want, go and protest.

But remember, this is not and never has been about your children.



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