Bubble soccer coming to Chicago

I am not a soccer fan. I enjoy watching soccer. The problem is, no matter how hard I try, I just do not understand the game. My feelings of inadequacy were assuaged a few weeks ago.

I was sitting in a bar watching the Cubs game. The gentleman sitting next to me was a psychiatrist from Belgium visiting Chicago with his son. He said he did not like baseball. As many times as he comes to America and tries to watch, he just cannot understand the game. We had a good laugh when I told him I felt the same way about soccer.

Which brings us to bubble soccer, or boblefotbal, as it is known in Norway. Bubble soccer is growing in popularity in Europe and other places. The players wear plastic bubbles, known as bumperz. Bumperz are manufactured in Denmark by Funballz ApS.

Instead of colliding and falling, they bounce off each other or bounce and roll when they hit the ground. The "sport" was introduced to America by Jimmy Fallon. Here is the Norwegian video that supposedly started the new fad.

What will they think of next, bubble soccer in the Olympics?

It appears the first bubble soccer league in Chicago will be forming in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Groupon employee, Greg Caplan plans to launch the league this fall at Wrightwood Park. There is a lot of interest in the league as many people are signing up.

My first thought was this is the perfect game for bronies and pegasisters. Or maybe for very young children.

Think about this. Injuries in contact sports are taking a toll on athletes lives. Some suffer debilitating symptoms from their injuries years after they leave the game. Maybe there should be bubble contact sports. Players would wear bumberz made exclusively for their sports.

Just imagine bubble pro-football, boxing, rugby, mixed martial arts, hockey, roller derby, and others using bumperz modified for their sports. It would provide much needed safety and added hilarious entertainment value. There would be no more crashing,  bone crunching, blood spurting, or teeth being knocked out.

There would be just the gentle bouncing of athletes encased in bubbles. Bouncing off each other, bouncing off walls, and bouncing up and down off the ground. You could bring the most squeamish to a game. Imagine, sitting in the expensive seats, drinking your beer, watching athletes gently bouncing around. It gives follow the bouncing ball a whole new meaning.






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