Windy City Ribfest- Photo Gallery


The Windy City Ribfest has been gracing uptown for the past five years. Summertime means barbecue and barbecue means ribs. The fest opened on Friday, July 5th. As of 7:00PM it was packed with eaters, drinkers, shoppers, and people who wanted to be entertained. Liquid Soul was performing for the masses who showed up.

Smoke was in the air and sizzle was heard all over as the various vendors of pork cooked and served their wares. The sights and sounds of all that pork cooking were tantalizing to say the least.

There were also beer vendors, pina colada vendors, and vendors selling various wares. The Windy City Rib Fest is a family affair and many families were present chomping down on all the good food being provided.

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