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The Taste of Chicago opened at 11:00 am yesterday. Taste of Chicago runs through July 14th. There were already crowds forming and by noon the placed was fairly packed as lunch time workers arrived. Taste of Chicago is being billed as the nation's premier food festival. Chicago has a diverse dining scene and it was well represented at the Taste.

One of the more unusual dishes offered was Rabbit Corn Dogs at the Hearty Boys Pop Up Restaurant. Most of the food fare was typical, pizza, roasted corn, various grilled and barbecued foods, and desserts like Eli's Cheese Cake and Blue Bunny Ice Cream. There were also various drink and soft drink vendors to slake your thirst on a hot sunny day. Porta-potties were plentiful and located throughout the event.

Several vendors, including the Chicago Tribune, were selling or promoting their products and services.

There is a tent offering cooking demonstrations. Mazda sponsored a Chef Du Jour tent which will featuring celebrity chefs like Gale Gand, Rick Bayless, and the Hearty Boys, to name a few.  Tickets for Chef Du Jour and other paid events are available online here.

A complete schedule of events and live music performances can be found here.

Large crowds are expected in the evenings and over the weekend. The best time to experience Taste of Chicago is during the week, from opening until 4 pm. The crowds are thinner and moving about us much easier. It is recommended you take public transportation, as several streets are blocked off causing traffic congestion and parking is expensive. Most of the El lines will get you within a short walking distance.

All bags, purses, backpacks, etc. will be searched at the entrances. If you are bringing small children be very aware of how easy it is for them to get lost in large crowds. It would be wise to write your cell phone number with a marker on your children's arms in case they get separated from you.


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