Guardian Angels deux


Guardian Angels self promotion. (Peter V. Bella)

If the Guardian Angels equine excrement gets any deeper, Chicagoans may need to start wearing boots. The City Council should pass an ordinance that requires the vigilante group to wear diapers when on the public way, like carriage horses.

The leader of the red beanie vigilantes blasted the mayor over his suggestion the cute Care Bears™ work with the Safe Passage Program, escorting children to and from school. The mayor criticized the wannabe heroes for handing out fliers slandering the Magnificent Mile as "Muggers Mile".

Handing out the fliers on Michigan Avenue was another shameless publicity stunt by the frivolous fops.


Guardian Angel flier slandering Magnificent Mile. (NBC Chicago)

Miguel Fuentes, the head red beanie in charge, claimed the mayor did not know what the Guardian Angels do. "When the mayor is telling the Guardian Angels and insinuating that the Guardian Angels should be in the neighborhoods working with the community and the police, it's stuff we've been doing for years." (DNAinfo/Chicago)

Fuentes suggested the mayor don a Che Guevara beanie and Angel tee shirt to wander the streets with a troupe of his jongleurs, experiencing what they do. That would be ridiculous. Rahm Emanuel is the mayor of Chicago. The mayor of Chicago is not supposed to look ridiculous.

Picture 2

Guardian Angel's self promotion. Is this what Chicago wants wandering our streets? (Screenshot Guardian Angels website)

No one, including the police, know what the beanie clad Casper Milquetoasts do, other than self promotion. The Little Rascals® do a very good job staging publicity stunts. So do circuses, carnivals, and politicians.

The mayor was mild in his criticism of the Beanie Babies™. It should have been a warning.  If Miguel Fuentes and his band of warbling warriors want to engage in a battle of wits and words with Mayor Emanuel, they will be turned into witless nits.

Chicago does not need the Guardian Angels. Chicago never needed them. Our city does not need costume clad wannabe heroes wandering the streets in search of something or other.


We have professionals to handle crime, the Chicago Police Department. Even though the Police Department is short of manpower, they have done an excellent job.

Contrary to popular belief and false news media reports, Chicago is not the crime or murder capital of the nation.

Kaboom beats karate. If one of these martial arts mamalukes gets shot or killed he or she will be turned into a phony national hero. The Guardian Angels will go into full publicity mode. They will create a viral media and social media sensation. All for nothing. All for foolishness. All for self promotion.

The city authorities should find a way to get rid of the Guardian Angels for good. Ban them, outlaw them, or use what ever means necessary to make their existence so miserable they will disband of their own accord.

One other thing. Could the media please cease being polite. Stop referring to the beanie bound boulevardiers as an "anti-violence group", "community safety organization", or any other politically palatable mumbo jumbo?

Call them what they are, vigilantes.


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