Chicago has a political violence problem

Over one thousand people have been shot, wounded or killed, as of July 2nd. The Chicago Tribune provides an interactive map that shows where people are being shot. 

One thousand people is a horrific toll of violence. There have been few discussions on the true causes of mass violence in Chicago. Law and order, gang and drug dealer suppression, and controlling and corralling roving bands of violent youth are not talking points politicians want the news media to provide.


Photo: Unknown/ Chicago politician Roland Libonati (L) with Al Capone (R) and his son at a baseball game. Libonati was alleged to be the Chicago mob's man in the Illinois legislature and United States Congress.

The Chicago political structure has a historical symbiotic relationship with organized criminal enterprises going as far back as the late 1800s. Prohibition and the creation of the Chicago Outfit cemented that relationship into the DNA of the political structure.

Like the Prohibition Era, the rise in large powerful street gangs and organized drug operations mirrored the rise of minority politicians coming into power. Once again, symbiotic relationships were forged. The break up of patronage armies working the streets allowed criminal enterprises to fill the void.

Chicago does not have a gun or drug violence problem. Chicago has a political violence problem. Elected officials, at all levels of government, political parties, and candidates enable criminal organizations to flourish. Politicians are the reasons the street gangs and drug operations are immune and operate with impunity.

Politicians, activists, and community organizations are very good using applied psychology in their communications. No one wants to be called a racist. When people of color are singled out belonging to or running major organized criminal enterprises, politicians and their enablers cry havoc and unleash allegations of racism. The news media, police department, and other politicians clam up, quivering in fear and dread.

The vast majority of shootings, murder, and mayhem are caused by Black and Hispanic gangs, drug dealers, and their affiliates or associates. That is a cold hard sad fact. Most of the violence is in Black or Hispanic neighborhoods, another cold hard sad fact.

An even colder, harder, and sadder fact is most of the victims are young Blacks and Hispanics, many just innocent bystanders. Too many of them are children.

In our politically correct world, it goes against all the rules of etiquette to state cold hard facts. It is time to start offending tender sensitive feelings. The truth is meant to hurt. Pain is a symptom of a problem. Pain is not something to be ignored.


Photo: PV Bella

The photograph on the left is Wallace "Gator" Bradley, who claims to be a former member of the Gangster Disciple street gang. He is accepted in the corridors of power, and even the media, as a political facilitator and urban translator- whatever that is. He also has no problem wearing clothing sporting a Gangster Disciple logo.

Wallace "Gator" Bradley and those like him are the problem not the solution. Bradley is not alone, though he is the most well known. There are more like him who facilitate relationships between organized street gangs, drug dealers, and politicians. It is a profitable con game foisted upon the public to justify the existence of criminal enterprises as forces for good.

Street gangs and drug organizations are forces of evil. They are criminal enterprises. Their members are all criminals. They are not tribes, nations, social phenomena, social activists, community organizations, or even political activists. They are criminals. The sole purpose and reason for their existence is crime.

The enablers and facilitators are very good at keeping the police, media, and other concerned citizens at bay. They do not want the power structure upset. Let us call them what they are, mercenaries, charlatans, and frauds.

Money is power. Politicians need cash, real cash. They sell power and influence for money. Power broker mercenaries facilitate the politicians and the criminals. Nothing really changed over the course of Chicago's history. Crime and politics are still entwined in a double helix.

The faces of violence should be the criminals responsible and any and all who aid and abet them, including politicians. Chicago needs its own long list of public enemies.

The people of Chicago should know who is responsible, directly or indirectly, for the violence and bloodshed on our streets. They should know about the politicians, clergy members, and other organizations who enable them. No one should be immune from scrutiny.


FBI photo.

Former F.B.I. Director, J. Edgar Hoover was a master at promotion and public relations. When he went after organized crime he utilized the full resources of the F.B.I's well oiled public relations machine and the media. The media was fearless and courageous. They cared little for the tender sensitivities of various ethnic groups. They used the front page and prime time news to expose the enemy within. It is a pity times have changed for the worse.

It is time to fight the enemy within on our terms, not the theirs. Attack the gang and drug organizational leadership and the enablers. Attack the enterprises and organizations who aid and abet them.Make their names and faces public. Use the power of the media and social media to put faces and names to those responsible, criminals, politicians, and enablers.

Heat should be turned up so high that various criminal leaders, associates, clergy, activists, organizers, and enabling politicians will be forced to hide for fear of running into a reporter, camera, microphone, police officer, or federal agent with a subpoena. They should be held up to ridicule as embarrassments to their communities and the city at large. These people should be isolated, demeaned, denigrated, and ostracized.

Courage and fearlessness means refusing to give in to accusations of racism. It means ignoring preachers, priests, activists, organizers, urban translators, popular associates and enablers of organized crime. No one, no matter how popular, famous, or powerful, should be safe from the glare of harsh scrutiny.

There are either allies or enemies. There is no middle ground.



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