Chicago Cultural Mile sculptural planters- Photo Gallery

Chicago is known for its street art, both public and private. New works of art were installed on Chicago's Cultural Mile, the stretch of Michigan Avenue that runs south from the Chicago River to Roosevelt Road. Fifteen sculptural heads were installed along the avenue. The heads double as planters.


The sculptures were designed and created by Plant Green Ideas RRR, a Chicago based non-profit whose mission is sustainability and creating concepts to get people to think about sustainability and the impact of a green economy on Chicago.

Plant Green Ideas RRR partnered with Cultural Mile Chicago on the project. Each sculpture has a sponsor. Some of the sponsors are Walgreen's, Ford, and WGN.

The sculptural heads were manufactured using locally sourced sustainable materials, including recycled aluminum, steel, and concrete made from sustainable materials. They were constructed to LEEDs standards.

Each sculpture is eleven feet high and topped with donated plants and flowers.

Walgreen's commissioned the manufacturer of Chia Pets to create Green  Chia planters. Each miniature comes with coloring pens so children and adults can create their own sculptural head. The Chia Planters are made from recyclable materials, just like their big brothers and sisters. They will be available at Walgreen's for 19.95. The  proceeds will benefit SGA Children and Family Services.

While photographing a few of the planter heads, people were commenting on them. The comments were evenly divided between admiration and disgust. One gentleman plainly stated they were the ugliest things he ever saw.

There are more images in the photo gallery, including the metal sculpture on Wells Street at Burton. Street art, whether public, private, or a joint partnership is a benefit to the city. It complements the architecture, brings beauty to public spaces, and gets people to think about art. In some cases it gives local artists the recognition they deserve.


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