Be kind to your waitstaff

Photo Slate: Brian Palmer

Photo Slate: Brian Palmer

Brian Palmer, of Slate, advocates abolishing tipping. In a way to long article he tries to give excuses on why the practice should be abolished. He even throws in racism out of desperation. Everything is racist today, so why not just use racism to prove any argument? No one, not even racists, want to be labeled a racist.

Palmer could have saved a lot of words and his readers a lot of time by giving the only reason not to tip. Being a cheapskate. Brian Palmer is touted as Slate's "chief explainer". It appears he is their chief cheapskate complainer.

Palmer's article delves into the economics, legal aspects, and other issues surrounding the practice of tipping. It all sounds like the typical excuses of a miserly cheapskate.

Tipping is not a responsibility, duty, or obligation. Tipping is a small reward expressing your gratitude for service rendered. It is up to you, not some hipster cheapskate, whether or not to say thank you with cash. It is your money.

Photo PV Bella: Waitress serving diners at Gibsons

Photo P.V. Bella: Waitress serving diners at Gibsons

People who work in restaurants, bars, and hotels, strive to make you feel good. From greasy spoon diners and dive bars to high end ambiance laden experience destinations, they are serving you.

People work long hours, put up with insanity that would drive others to homicide, and do jobs no one else wants. Then, there are the customers they serve, some who should never be allowed out in public to begin with.

In most places service personnel bend over backwards to help you enjoy yourself. In better places, they go the extra mile to ensure  you have a good meal and a good time. Tipping is called a gratuity. By tipping you are expressing your gratitude to a person who served you.

It is called the service industry for a reason. People in the business serve. They are not there just to sling plates on tables, slop drinks on bars, or chase your rug rats around because you are too stupid or stupidly indulgent to control them yourself. They humble them selves for a living.

In one area of town, where there was a large group of restaurants of a particular ethnic group, the waiters paid the owners to work in the establishments. That's right, they paid to work in these places. That is because the joints were always packed, some nights with lines out the doors. The waiters made a killing in tips.

Working in the service or hospitality industry is grueling. The hours are long, the work is not as easy as it looks, and no matter how bad things are personally, these people have to make you feel good. They have to serve you in a cheerful, friendly manner. They have to be nice, even if you're are a miserable piece of human garbage.

There is nothing wrong with being generous, grateful, and expressing it through a gratuity. It is civilized. We are turning into a selfish, self centered entitlement society. Too many people expect to be waited on hand and foot as if it is their birth right. Why should they have to be grateful for people just doing their jobs? That is not civilized thinking or behavior. Those people are savages.

Be civilized. Tip people who serve you. Not because they need it, it is expected, a social norm, or because you are pressured. Do it because you are grateful for the service they provided. Be kind, generous, and grateful. It does not hurt anyone.

Do not be a cheapskate self centered entitlement savage.

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