3D Printing on Michigan Avenue

Sometimes you find the most interesting things just walking down the street in Chicago. At Michigan and Ontario there was a man with what looked like a strange plastic toy strapped to his chest. It was a 3D printer. You probably have read about or seen 3D printers in the news media. This particular model, which was printing out a dinosaur head, was the Cube Personal Printer by 3DSystems. The demonstrator explained how the printer worked and all the various things that could be made with it. This particular model is the only 3D printer safe enough for children to use.


The Demonstration was part of a marketing campaign for AT&T Wireless, whose store is on that corner. After asking a few more questions about the technology, the demonstrator referred me to the guitar displayed in the store's window. The body of the guitar was printed on one of the professional 3DSystems models. The rest of the instrument, named Americana, was assembled using standard guitar parts and components. The instrument is fully functional and can be played. (See Gallery)

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