"If You See Something, Say Something"

The "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign was launched by the Department of Homeland Security under a direct fiat by Janet Napolitano, aka Big Sis. The idea originated in New York under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, aka Nanny Bloomie.

Any good childish citizen should be proud to participate in programs launched by people with esteemed nick names like Big Sis and Nanny Bloomie. The program was specifically designed for people who believe Sesame Street is based on real life and want to move there. Nanny Bloomie and Big Sis appeal to the lowest common denominator in America.

The idea behind the campaign was to get people to notify the authorities of anything they see out of the ordinary. "See something, say something." Big Sis and Nanny Bloomie must not get out much. If you reside or work in a large urban area, there is no ordinary.

I wander all over the city on foot, by car, and on public transportation. I see all kinds of things. For example, the other day I saw a young man emerging from a housewares store carrying a pressure cooker. Should I have said something?

I saw a backpack on the ground chained to a unattended motorcycle. Should I have said something?

Recently, I saw a rubber chicken below, but very close to the North Avenue bridge, a juicy target if ever there was one. Maybe I should have said something. I just don't know.


Rubber Chicken near North Avenue Bridge. Should I have said something?

Does seeing something and saying nothing make me a bad Sesame Street resident? Is there some form of severe punishment for disobeying fiats by Big Sis? Can or does she read minds or see our actions? Should I feel guilty, ashamed, and mortified for saying nothing when I see something?

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) can be hidden, molded, formed, or creatively designed to look like anything and everything. I could be seeing and saying all day long, day after day, week after week, and mile after mile traveling through the city. How many times should I say something if I see something?

While photographing the Turkish Protest in Streeterville last week I saw something very unusual. It was so unusual it gave me pause- whatever that is. It was something out of place, out of the ordinary, out of any day to day experience. It was something someplace that definitely should not have been there. Remember, it was a political protest and police officers were around.

I saw a lone glazed donut on a pedestal. It was just there. Beckoning anyone to pick it up. How could normal person resist a fresh looking glazed donut? Was it bait? Was it a cleverly disguised IED? Or, was it just a glazed donut on a pedestal? Sometimes a glazed donut is just a glazed donut.

There was nobody around it. Who would leave a perfectly good glazed donut out like that? It could have been entirely innocent. Someone may have wanted to feed the police. Or, it could have been sinister.


Definite not something you see everyday. Was it innocent? Sinister? Should I have said something?

Should I say something because I saw something? I decided, nah. I ain't no rat, snitch, fink, or stool pigeon. I don't see nuttin or say nuttin about anyting. Dat's da way I was raised.

No Big Sis or Nanny Bloomie is going to make me say anyting about sumfin I saw. Sesame street or no Sesame Street.




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