"Chicago Stronger" tee shirts victimized by lynch mobs


Social media lynch mobs and some so-called journalists were in an uproar over a Chicago firm, Cubby Tees, selling "Chicago Stronger" tee shirts with one of the Chicago Blackhawk type logos.

The lynch mobs were wailing, moaning, weeping, gnashing their teeth, and rending their garments over the sheer gall of Chicago Tees to appropriate and change the supposed Boston slogan, "Boston Strong". Of course no one dares bash Boston for plagiarizing that slogan from a United States Army advertising campaign.

They were also appalled that a company would try to make money off the slogan. Companies are supposed to make money. What planet did these people come from?

Cubby Tees caved into the lynch mobs and stopped selling the shirts. This was a disgusting and cowardly thing to do. It was worse than the cowardly lynch mobs. They should have thumbed their noses. Thanks to the lynch mobs, they probably would not be able to keep the shirts in stock. Unless, of course, the NHL contacted them with a cease and desist order. That is pure speculation.

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Some so-called sports journalists are in a lather over this illustration published in the Chicago Tribune. The Trib is right. During this time of competition were are not in solidarity with Boston. If your tender sensitivities are offended, too bad.

Some people have taken to social media and their blogs to actually apologize on behalf the the majority of Chicagoans for these supposed offenses to Boston. Who elected these members of the lynch mob to represent the majority? Since when did our City of Big Shoulders turn into the City of Over Sensitive Big Whiners and Wusses?

Look, this is the Stanley Cup we are talking about. All that continual creepy grief and perpetual weepy sympathetic sobbing go out the window. Boston is the enemy. There are no tender sensitivities, political correctness, or palatability. There is us against them. This is war. No pity. No mercy. The Blackhawks will do all in their power to destroy Boston on the ice. The fans will do all in their power to demoralize Boston in the stands, the streets, and through tee shirts, artworks, and other expressions. Boston will do the same to us. That is how it is supposed to be.


Welcome to Hawkeytown Boston Fans. The best way to the arena is the Red Line. Take it to 35th Street. You can't miss it.

Chicago is strong, stronger, and strongest. If you do not like it, leave now, and take the Boston fans with you. Chicago is not Boston. The Blackhawks are not the "Chicago Bruins". This our town. We are the Chicago Blackhawks. There is no solidarity. We are not a city of over sensitive weenies. As the Tribune claimed, this is "Hawkeytown"


Confucious say, Chicago is strong, stronger, and strongest.

It is perfectly okay and appropriate to boo the Boston Bruins when they take the ice, or jeer their fans when seen walking down the street in their team regalia. Do not be afraid of offending anyone's tender sensitivities. We are Chicago. We do not fear.

Sports is competition. It is war. It is not entertainment, as some people claim. If it was entertainment, the games would be produced in Hollywood with dippy actors. If you do not like it watch the Ice Capades instead.


Na, na, na, na, na. Yeah, this is my town. Na, na, na, na, na. (My Town/Montgomery Gentry)

As long as this series lasts Boston should be bashed, lashed, debased, and abused. The Bruins should be ridiculed. It is only fair and right. Just like it is only fair and right for Boston to do the same to the Hawks and Hawk fans in Beantown.

We are Hawkey Town. We are Chicago strong. We are Chicago stronger. We are Chicago strongest. Be proud. Support our team and city. Do not be a weenie, wuss, or whiner.

When the series is over you can return to your creepy perpetual grief and weepy unabating sympathy. You can light all the candles, say all the prayers, cry all the tears, and wring your hands all you want.





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