Chicago public art is all in the details


Chicago has an abundance of street art. Starting with Mayor Richard J. Daley and the Picasso, famous and not so famous artists have contributed to bringing beauty to public spaces through sculpture and other art forms. Besides Picasso, there is Calders, Marc Chagall, and Oldenberg to name a few.

In 1999, a herd of fiber class cows descended upon Chicago.They were decorated by various artists. After being displayed all over the city they were sold to raise money for charity. Some are on display in public places, some in private collections, and others are just  climbing the walls, like the cow  at the Talbott Hotel.

Sometimes you walk by something several times and do not really see. You miss the tiny details. Then, when you are not paying attention, something catches your eye. Such was the case with the cow on the south side of the Chicago Cultural center.

I must have walked by this cow over one hundred times. But, today, while not really paying attention to anything in particular, something caught my eye. As you will see in the gallery, the artist created something unusual. The left eye of the cow has an etching of the Picasso. The right eye, an etching of the Water Tower. The artist paid great attention to detail. Most, if not all of us, walk by things without paying attention to anything.

I found another attention to detail later. There is a statue honoring famous Chicago sportscaster, Jack Brickhouse, in Pioneer Court, next to the Tribune Tower. Brickhouse is holding a booklet in his hand. If you stand slightly behind  the statue, you can see the detail on the cover of the booklet. It is a "Baseball Media Guide.


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