Chicago Blackhawks forever

The Chicago Blackhawks (Originally Black Hawks) were founded in 1926 by coffee tycoon, Frederic McLaughlin. Mr. McLaughlin commanded a machine gun brigade during World War I that was part of the Blackhawk Division. The division was named after a famed Native American Chief. Black Hawk. He captured the imaginations of people from Illinois.


Chicago Strong

Black Hawk became a symbol of courage and persistence, two tenets that made Chicago strong and great. There is a move afoot by some, with too much time on their hands, to force the team to change its name and logo. Their goal is to, "Retire the smiling chief"

They claim Blackhawks and the logo are insulting to Native Americans and racist. They are using social media to give their cause traction. Once again, the social media lynch mobs are at work.


"Whaddya mean take that offensive shirt off? Gowan, ged outta here, for I stick this open umbrella where the sun don't shine."








If this repression of free expression in sports keeps up, animal rights groups will demand the Bears, Wolves, and Cubs to change their names and logos because they insult animals. Over sensitive people will force the Chicago Butchers to change their logo because it could affect the tender sensitivities of vegans and children. Worse, they will loudly screech it represents a dangerous weapon.


Chicago Butchers logo






Recently, the social media lynch mobs went after Cubby Tees over tee shirts they were selling. The shirts had a logo of the Blackhawks with the words "Chicago Stronger". The lynch mobs were so weepy, creepy, and sobbing that Cubby Tees took the shirts off the market. Too bad for them. All that attention would have made the shirts fly off the shelves by real Chicago fans.


Confucious say if you do not like Blackhawks ged outta town.







This is America. No one should be allowed to inhibit freedom of expression, even if it is for commercial purposes. No group, company, or sports team should be forced to cave in due to the over tender sensitivities of the lynch mobs. This is not racism, the active hatred of a group of people. These actions dilute the very term. The creepy weepers should get their perceptions and sensitivities in line with reality.


Leo da Lion says, Blackhawks strong!!!!!!!!

Sports teams are named after groups and things because they indicate a fierce winning, competitive, and dominating spirit. OK, the Penguins are an exception to that rule. Most were named long before the tender sensitivity crowd banded together in lynch mobs to repress free speech and expression.

When are we going to get our spines back and fight back against these mobs? Freedom means never surrendering. We are not the French, not yet anyway. Whether it is tee shirts, sports teams, or logos, owners should be able to use whatever they want to depict their teams. The frothing lynch mobs are not numerous enough to create any kind of financial impact, especially in sports rabid towns, like Chicago.

Kudos should go to the owner of the Washington Redskins. When he was faced with this dilemma he did not back down. "We will never change the name of the team," Snyder said. "It's that simple. NEVER — you can use caps."

Chicago Blackhawks forever. Chicago Strong, Chicago Stronger, Chicago Strongest forever.

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