Chicago construction season photo gallery

Demolition of Ravenswood Hospital. Equipment resembles predatory dinosaurs.

Spring through autumn is construction and demolition season in Chicago. The pounding, grinding, ripping, digging, and paving remind us that nothing stays the same. There is renewal, repair, rehabilitation, and construction of something new where vacant land used to be. The choking dust and smell of tar and asphalt fill the air.

Construction machinery is very American in nature. It is big, brash, loud, rumbling, creaking, and clanking. Just like us. It is also predatory in nature. Instead of shredding the meat off of lesser creatures, it rips, digs, shreds, tears, and smashes concrete, steel, and wood. When the machinery is idle as dusk falls, they look like sleeping reptilian behemoths. Even the smallest piece of machinery resembles a sleeping predator.

The various cast iron, clay, and steel piping strewn around resembles bones from some prehistoric animal.



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