PHOTOS: Flooding in Albany Park

The Chicago River overflowed its banks and flooded parts of the Albany Park neighborhood today. Foster Avenue was closed between Pulaski and Central Park. Work crews were placing sand bags and jersey material along Foster Avenue at Springfield because the river overflowed the overpass, flooding the roadway. The 5100 block of Springfield was partially flooded. Water rose above garden apartments in some buildings and vehicles were submerged.

Gompers Park was flooded as well. By mid afternoon the water was as high as the bottom of the underpasses at Pulaski and Springfield Avenues. City workers were in waste high water trying to stem the flow of water onto the roadway.

Pumps could be heard running at the Bohemian Cemetery. It should be remembered that up to the early part of the last century flooding caused caskets to float out of graves creating a health hazard.

Traffic in the area was snarled as far south as Lawrence. The City of Chicago set up a Command Post in the Salvation Army parking lot next to Gompers Park. Police, Fire, People's Gas and other agencies sent mobile command posts to monitor activities of their personnel. The Water Department had another command post in the area.

Several side streets east of Pulaski were closed to north bound traffic at Lawrence Avenue.

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