PHOTOS: Bridgeport

I lived in Bridgeport in the early 1980s. Today I visited the neighborhood to see what changed and what remained the dame. Halsted, south of 35th Street used to be lined with businesses of all types. Today it is mostly vacant store fronts.

Though Schallers Pump and the indomitable 11th Ward Democratic headquarters still remain the street is a shell of its former self.

Walking through the residential neighborhoods- the side streets- one notices absence. The absence of sound. The streets are dead quiet, not even the sound of a dog barking can be heard. The neighborhood is squeaky clean, not a bit of detritus on the streets.

Wandering east to Chinatown there is a change. The area is bustling with people and every storefront is occupied with some form of business.

Being spring, aside from baseball season, the construction season starts in Chicago. Streets are cut up, jack hammered, scraped, and repaved. Traffic and parking are horrendous. The season lasts as long as the weather permits.


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