PHOTOS: Alfredo's last day

Last month I wrote about Alfredo's, an old school barbershop at Pearson and State Streets.

Today was the last day in their location. Alfredo's is moving to 4 W. Chicago Avenue next week. A party was held in the barber shop today to celebrate the last day and the move.

Old patrons showed up telling colorful stories and insulting each other as only old friends can do. One of the constant phrases bandied around was, "If these walls could talk." There were stories of gangsters, cops, politicians, businessman, students, priests, and other denizens of the Gold Coast.

The new barbershop, we were assured, will not be different. As beer, wine, pizza, and other food made the rounds people kept coming in off the street. Towards the end of the afternoon two young guys came in looking to get their haircut. Alfredo said everyone was drunk but they could have a beer and hang around.

Below are pictures of the last day and the last customers to get serviced in an establishment that has been in operation since 1956. Next week the new Alfredos opens up. Old and new customers alike will be welcome. It will still be old school, entertaining, and one of the best places to get your hair cut.

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