HUFFPO travel blogger slams Chicago


David Landsel is a travel blogger for the Huffington Post and a Contributing editor at He recently wrote a blog post entitled "10 Terribly Overated Destinations (And Where to Travel Instead)"  As you can see, Chicago came in at #7.

#7 Chicago
Spend a little time in the Windy City and you'll come to know a people obsessed with the answer to a question nobody else has asked: "Is Chicago a world class city?" As a former local, I can help. The answer is no. Chicago is a handsome, reasonably entertaining provincial capital. This used to be enough for Chicagoans, but then it wasn't, leading to a period of time, beginning around the turn of the new century, during which all manner of foolishness -- from baffling things built by celebrity architects to a slew of obnoxious restaurants -- was unleashed upon the city. Suddenly, everything was pretty much the same, except now it was way more expensive. Yes, the city has some iconic cultural institutions and that beautiful lakefront. But look too far past the glittering Potemkin village at Chicago's center and you'll find yourself near or at the bottom of a sad pile of poor to average.

Instead, try Go to Detroit. It's more honest. Also, there's a great art museum, a proper public market, some of the country's best architecture, the music scene is fun, the food scene is better than it has been in ages and the beer is better and much cheaper. Everything's cheaper. Also: Detroiters are friendly -- Chicagoans are just polite. There's a big difference.

Let's take his alternative destination first, Detroit also known as "Destroyed". Why would any reasonably intelligent person want to vacation in Detroit? Detroit is nothing more than a stop over on the way to the casino in Windsor, Ontario. Chicago is a world class City. Detroit is a third world city. Contrary to what this alleged travel writer and former local claims, Chicago is not some backwater  provincial capital. Sad pile of poor to average? Chicago has historic world class museums, entertainment venues rivaling New York and Los Angeles, and hotels and dining to fit every budget and taste. There is no such thing as the Detroit School of Architecture and Detroit was never known for having a City Beautiful Movement.


There is more to see and do in Chicago in an hour than a whole day in Detroit. Did anyone ever here of "My Kind of Town, Detroit or "Detroit that Toddlin Town"? Of course not. No one ever makes songs celebrating Detroit. There is nothing to celebrate. Chicago is a celebration. Chicagoans are not merely polite, they are downright nice. By the way, people relocate to Chicago. No one relocates to Detroit, they flee from there.


Chicago's motto is "Urbs in Horto"- "City in a Garden". Detroit's motto is "“Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus- “We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise" They keep hoping and Detroit keeps sinking. If anyone is obnoxious it is David Landsel. Maybe on his last visit to Chicago he just got obnoxiously drunk and viewed the city through the blurred vision of a sop. He had to be on something else to recommend Detroit as an alternative to Chicago.

FlamingoIt is a good bet that David Landsel is one of those people who put ketchup on hot dogs.



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