Logan Square Skate Park


The Logan Square Skate Park is located on approximately one and one half acres of land at 2430 W. Logan Blvd. under the Kennedy Expressway. The property is owned and its use was donated by the Illinois Department of Transportation. The park is managed by the Chicago Park District.

The area under the expressway, on both sides, used to be inhabited year round by homeless people. It was a dark foreboding place to walk even on the sunniest days.

The park opened in April 2009 amid controversy. So-called neighborhood activists- whatever those are- were against the park, its design, and other issues they created. The so-called activists probably preferred the homeless people who lived under there with amenities like bootlegged electricity.


The park is shared by skateboarders and BMX bicyclists. It features modular obstacles and ramps. It is surrounded by metal artwork made of of tubing and other items. There is also some poster art decorating the concrete pillars.The park could use better lighting as it is dark and drab even during daylight hours. These images were taken about 3P.M when it was partially sunny.



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