Fashion and Firearms

Nothing warms the cockles of the heart on a cold winter night in Chicago better than guns and girls.  AlphaGirls in conjunction with Heat Armor held their Fashion and Firearms show last night at the Heat Armor facility on Chicago's south west side. Fashion, firearms, and tactical equipment from various vendors were on display.

AlphaGirls are soccer moms, athletes, police officers, business women...and YOU! 
AlphaGirls, LLC is about empowering women, of all ages, through skill - both physical and mental. All “bad guys” are looking for victims, not opponents and AlphaGirls ARE NEVER VICTIMS! AlphaGirls will bring out the "alpha" trait in you thereby positively impacting all aspects of your life! 

AlphaGirls was formed by two former Chicago Police Officers, Karen Bartuch and Matthew W. McNamara. They train women in "self offense" using tactical and psychological methods to empower and prevent them from becoming victims.

Karen Bartuch formed the Women's Tactical Association , a non-profit group (501c3) that brings tactical, fitness, and psychological combat training training to female police officers. Matthew W. McNamara, the COO, is certified as a U.S. Department of State and multiple state law enforcement accrediting agencies as an instructor teaching a wide range of tactical courses.

One of the speakers and models was Chicago's Love Lawyer Corri Fetman . Other guests included Top Shot Season 3 competitor Sara Ahrens and Natalie Foster from Girls Guide to Guns.

A runway show was held with designs by Sarah Church, Bexnyc, Rachel Frank,  and, Nickel and Lace. Adel Shaw of Spoil Me Hair Salon was on hand as the hair sytlist.




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